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Yes, you're just a number
Call Center Liaison (Former Employee), Saginaw, MIMay 29, 2014
Pros: wellness program, benefits, hours, building
Cons: low pay, management, no career growth, company culture
I worked at Morley for nearly 2 years, and I gotta say that although the work was fun and the co-workers were nice, I've never had a job in my life where I was actively searching for other employement from the day I was hired to the day I left.

Management does NOT care about their employees. GM cares so much about the numbers (average handle time, cases closed within one call, etc) that individual performance is thrown away if metrics are not met as a team. If they ARE met as a team, absolutely no recognition is given. It's like building a house with a person screaming at you. If you place a brick in the right spot, it's dead silent. The second you mess up, all you hear is screaming and scolding.

The company does little to remove bad employees. Although there is a 90 day "review" period, new employees follow the same standards as established employees. So if you get hired, feel free to swear and be late so long as you stay within Morley's discipline standards. A person within the 90 day "review" period has nothing to fear.

The MoFit that Morley has is very fun and well established. Lots of employees use the wellness program as a motivator to get healthy. They even reward you with cash for activities you perform. Honestly one of the best things about working there.

The pay is aweful, and there is no room to grow. Morley has expanded so quickly that hiring standards are down the toilet. As long as you can type 30 WPM and understand english, you got the job. The amount of union talks I've heard during my time there, mixed with the constant "I can't wait to leave this place" comments that occur from the moment you walk in the door, Morley has one of the worst workforces I've ever seen.