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Administrative Assistant, Denver, CO - July 17, 2015
I began at MSEC with hopes to stay at the organization long-term.
Although the base pay is set at approximately 10% below market (which they were upfront about), I felt very confident about what was communicated to me regarding the culture and ethical standards of MSEC during my interview process, and was willing to sacrifice the pay for this. Bolstered by a 401k package, pension, work-life balance, access to training/certification classes, and a decent benefits package, I thought I would stay there a very long time.

It wasn't long, however, before the seedy underbelly of MSEC really became apparent.

There is extensive gross HR mismanagement (despite it being an Employers Association that advises other Employers on matters of HR and employment law), wishy-washy and inconsistent management, double-standards for employees, lack of internal HR leadership, as well as blatant lying and scamming to both employees and clients, I was eventually pushed out for expressing my disapproval.

They create a familial environment for the new employee, which is swiftly dashed if you express any critical opinion. There are a handful of genuinely caring and honest staff there, but unfortunately these people are only biding their time until they can get out or collect pension because they recognize the hypocrisy.

There is also so much nepotism there that you never know who to trust, or what the long and messy histories might be.

The work itself was typical enough, but it became difficult to function within a framework that has a complete lack of standardization, structure, and miscommunicated expectations of job performance. Although the IT staff are amazing, the infrastructure they are forced to work within is about as sophisticated as a hamster wheel, and you will struggle to do basic tasks due to constant crashing, blackouts, viruses, or software incompatibilties because everything is EXTREMELY outdated. Further, there is no email encryption system in place, despite thousands of sensitive personally-identifying information such as name, SSN, DOB, etc., being passed back-and-forth; both of clients and internal staff.

I would NOT recommend working there, unless you enjoy alcohol, of which there is plenty to be had.


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