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MP3 Farms

About MP3 Farms

In addition to the two sow sites, MP3 operates two separate Gilt Developer Units. These facilities are strategically located away from the sow sites so that we might deliver disease free gilts as future sow replacements. The separation allows us to monitor and eliminate disease introduction into our existing herd.

The Gilt Developer units receive
 – more... a 3 to 6 week old gilt who stays in the facility up until the age of 28 to 30 weeks. During this time frame each gilit is acclimated and trained for future performance. MP3 also operates finishing sites consisting of 28,000 wean to finish spaces. We introduce 14 pound piglets and house them until they reach market weight. These sites are environmentally controlled so that the comfort of the pig is continuously monitored for comfort and to maximize the pig's ability to perform. The pig is then delivered to Indiana Packer at an average finished weight of 275 pounds.

MP3 maintains a truck wash facility in Benton County, Indiana. This facility cleans and sterilizes all internal transport equipment after each pig movement. This practice is monitored by our veterinarian staff and Management to minimize introduction of disease from over the road traffic.

Our facilities are located in the heart of the corn/soybean farm land of west central Indiana. MP3's main office is located in Williamsport, IN. The office is centrally located for access to all farm sites. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »