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The Company is Run Hands Off
Security Guard, Murrieta, CA - January 25, 2015
I rarely, if ever, had contact with my supervisors. No one trained me for the site that I was assigned. We had no post orders. All paperwork was handled by email so that the company could be run as hands off as possible. No one ever brought me any forms, they would be emailed to me and I would be expected to figure out how to get them printed out.

My supervisor knew nothing about my site. He was the one who emailed me my schedule and I still had to remind him what it was. When someone had to cover when I could not make it to work he would call me to get information about the site to give to the person covering my shift. Three days I had to call out sick from work and not only did he not find anyone to cover the shift but he completely failed to contact the client and let them know that I was sick and whether or not someone would be in to cover for me.

I was seriously concerned that my employers would lose my job for me through their incompetent and unprofessional behavior.