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Nice Front, Deceitful Interior
Associate, Fairfax, VA - November 18, 2014
The pros to the job are the coworkers and professionalism they show at the first couple of weeks in. The training they provide is actually legit, and they go over not only the code but ways you should interview and how you should dress and act.

The problems start to come up when they bring out what they hide from the trainees for the first 4 weeks, and make no mention of in the initial interviews, is that their whole contracting bit is a scam they enforce on their employees.

They require that you put extra years of working experience that you've never done (4 or 2 depending on route) and projects you never really did onto the resume they want to put out on you. If you refuse, you'll be out the door soon after one way or the other.

If lying on your resume is your thing, the training they do for the trainees is excellent enough that you can get by and go onto to work for the companies they contact (with that anvil over your head of course). Thing is, they will specifically try to hide this as you move out to work with them.

Beyond that, beware the contracts they'll try to give you. They use a lot of strong arm tactics to get you to screw yourself over if you decide not to compromise on the lying.