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Welcome to MyDentist where dentistry is more than just drill and fill.

Since becoming Principal Dentist in 2004, Dr Fung has slowly transformed MyDentist, equipping it with state of the art technology to enable amazing innovative, efficient, and great patient experience. The successful establishment of the Earlsfield practice has led to expansion and the opening of our new practice in Wandsworth Town, which opened in April 2011. Wandsworth Town is a private practice, with state of art facilities, and with the philosophy of Minimal Cosmetic dentistry.

In order to achieve Minimal Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr Fung utilizes all his skills in his repetoir including; Mercury Free Fillings, Invisalign, Inman Aligners, Cerec3D (same day crown), Crowns/Veneers, Dental Implants and Dental bonding to achieve this goal. He is passionate with his dentistry and is always constantly seeking the latest dental advances that will benefit his patient, thus enable him to provide even greater result.

As well has his day to day dentistry, he is also committed with the London Dental Deanary to use his knowledge to provide mentorship to newly qualified dentist.



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Office Manager, DFW, Texas - May 28, 2015
There is tons of training, which is a good thing.... The down side of this training is that it often requires traveling and overnight stays. At other times the training was on conference calls held during office hours, leaving one other person to handle the desk alone.

Corporate is heavy handed. There is a bazillion bosses and corporate level employees, but the offices are scaled to a bare minimum of people to deliver care. Micromanagement at it's finest. Your boss will be in once a week, as well as your bosses boss....and when they are not...they are on the phone.

The staff is expected to work through lunch on a daily basis, and routinely kept 2+ hours after working hours.... because the doctor has no consideration for the staff and their families.

The most enjoyable part of the job was helping patients. The hardest part of the job was the hours, and never being able to make plans in what was supposed to be my personal time.


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