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Nano Soy Colloid

About Nano Soy Colloid

Nano Soy Colloid is a Go Green Company that have several product lines consisting of 100% safe & non toxic cleaning solutions, oder eliminator, hand cleaners and softners. rejuvention solutions and misty fresh sprays just to name a few.This products kills germs and bacteria in 3 seconds. This product is so new that we are not sure what all it – more... can do. We have a product that will attach itself to oil and completely eliminate it, can be used in oil spills in the ocean, very effective and safe to wild life. Grocery stores use in their water when spraying vegtables to cut cost of spoilage becasue the fruits and vegtables last longer when spray with our products. Pets stores use our product to groom animals to create a healthy soft coat. There are too many uses to list them all. – less

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