Narus, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA

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Narus, Inc. is seeking scientists to fill an Analyst position in the CTO Organization in Sunnyvale, CA, to conduct groundbreaking research on big data analytics on network traffic. Candidates should hold a PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or equivalent field.


Narus, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, supports cyber situational awareness and risk management by enabling network administrators and business analysts to discover facts about their network and its usage they were unaware of The multi-award winning NarusInsight platform lays the foundation for this unique value proposition, powering access to extremely large volumes of data with great detail. This data is collected from a wide variety of sources, ranging from network probes, to devices, web applications, social media, and web crawling. Other key building blocks of Narus’ offerings are advanced cyber analytics packages with the ability to process data while still in-motion (real-time data processing framework) and/oron-demand, namely stored in massive multi-terabyte volumes (big-data batch processing framework). Information sharing between the two processing frameworks enables finding proverbial "needle-in-the-haystack" events, automatic creation of policies and alerts around them, and in-depth forensics to better understand the unknown players associated to such events.

Research and development on advanced analytics at Narus leverages a long-lasting collaboration with the most prestigious universities worldwide and various highly advanced Boeing Research and Technologies (BR&T) labs. This has resulted in an unmatched arsenal of libraries made available to network administrators and business analysts to build and run analytics, based on a plethora of tools and techniques, including data mining techniques, statistical analysis, fast clustering, data visualization, natural language processing, text analytics, artificial intelligence, as well as SQL queries.


The CTO Organization at Narus, Inc. delivers innovation at the forefront of network and big data analytics.

The continuous innovation effort of the CTO Organization is guaranteeing that Narus always has the best-of-breed technology with unmatched performance and most advanced features. The CTO Organization is one of the very few institutions that have managed to combine advanced academic research with the commercial interests of the industry, as demonstrated by the number of high profile academic and scientific papers, its ample patent portfolio, and the Narus product features and whole products that have originated in the CTO Organization. As a consequence of its proven ability to produce innovative and valuable results, the CTO Organization at Narus, Inc., has been steadily growing from 3 to 30+ members over the last two years, and is constantly looking for bright minds and additional talent.


The CTO Organization at Narus, Inc. evolves seminal ideas into successful commercial products through a proven three-phase.

1. Initial exploration (research). in a joint effort between the team of Narus’ expert analysts and external experts engaged through the Narus Fellow Research Program, novel ideas are studied to understand their potential impact and realization complexity. After an initial assessment of their implications and related issues, eminent scholars are engaged, through research contracts, to join forces in tackling a set of well defined problems. This cooperation involves remote work in tight coordination with professors and brilliant PhD students at Narus’ headquarters.

2. Feasibility study (prototype). Analysts join forces with a team of skilled engineers to realize a prototype, building on initial implementations of algorithms developed in the first phase of the process. The prototype is used to demonstrate the idea to perspective customers to assess its commercial potential, which will guide the decision whether the next phase should be undertaken.

3. Productization (development). The prototype is then further enriched and the code is stabilized and perfected to reach product grade.

Being an analyst in the CTO Organization at Narus represents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts of scientific research that crave to produce impactful innovation. Analysts in the CTO Organization are in the unique position to be exposed to complex and relevant problems, to access sensitive resources and data, and to see his or her ideas and research deployed in production environments. Additional opportunities may arise to participate in top ranking conferences and to publish in prestigious journals.


We are looking for dynamic, self-motivated enthusiasts of scientific innovation with

  • A strong background in computer network protocols and technologies
  • Understanding of hardware and software systems and architectures
  • Good coding skills (Java preferred, but advanced skills in any language are considered valuable)
  • Academic experience in at least one of the following areas

o Big data analytics
o Artificial intelligence and self-learning systems and techniques
o Network and system security
o Information processing
o Formal methods

Experience in the following, although not a strict requirement, is highly valued:

  • Mobile apps: design, development, and development tools, libraries and frameworks
  • Web services and applications: development and architectures.
  • Scalable data-base systems.
  • Parallel processing and clustering, preferably Hadoop.

Candidates are expected to hold a PhD in one of the following fields (or related ones):

  • Computer Science,
  • Computer Engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering,
  • Telecommunications Engineering.


To apply, please send your resume, including a full list of publications, to the address provided below. This address can be also used for any inquiries related to this position.