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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Public Affairs Officer (Current Employee), Saint Paul, MNOctober 5, 2013
Pros: wear the army uniform daily.
Cons: susceptible to government shutdowns.
As a Public Affairs Specialist, your primary responsibilities are to assess the public affairs situation, advise senior leaders on public affairs issues, and assist them in making well-informed decisions, and translate the decisions into effective public affairs operations. Plan and execute communication strategies to achieve desired objectives, and evaluate the effectiveness of the programs. Analyze the situation, anticipates issues, assesses implications, and develops comprehensive operations to meet the news and information needs of internal and external audiences. The Public Affairs Specialist also facilitates media relations with domestic and international news media. The Public Affairs Specialist supervises photojournalists and broadcasters who create information for print, broadcast and digital media. Develops news releases and feature articles describing Guard sponsored activities or events, presentation ceremonies, etc… Distributes these to local and national print and broadcast media representatives. Responds orally and in writing to requests for information from Guard members, member associations, external audiences or special interest groups. Determines the sensitivity of data requested and if data is determined to be sensitive or controversial. Coordinates data release with the senior Public Affairs (PA) Specialist. Evaluates local media programming on NG events, activities or communication campaigns to identify potential public relation issues with message content or format. Once identified, advises management on potential causes of the problem and forwards suggestions – more... for resolving them. Gathers data on public reaction to communication campaigns for analyses and evaluation. When the evaluation is completed, draws the appropriate conclusions and from these develops and submits recommendations to Director of Public Affairs for improving the campaign’s appeal to the general public or target audience. Prepares and disseminates news releases and feature articles to the media for print. Selects and incorporates photographs, film footage, etc., into the release or article to visually enhance the message with viewers. Consults with the pertinent program specialist to obtain the latest information for use in news releases, radio spots, print articles, meetings and electronic broadcasts. Develops semi-technical written materials to educate a specific audience on the nature and purpose of the NG’s programs, policies and practices. Develops positive working relationships with state and local government personnel, community or special interest groups or individuals desiring input on state level NG policy, practices or programs. Other duties as assigned. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Career with advancement and skills development
Primary Supply & Logistics NCO (Current Employee), Houston, TXMay 22, 2013
Pros: greatest benefits
Cons: long hours at times and deployment can be more stressful
The Army can be stressful and rewarding at the same time.

The Unit Supply Specialist is primarily responsible for supervising or performing tasks involving the general upkeep and maintenance of all Army supplies and equipment.

Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS include:

Receives, inspects, inventories, loads, unloads, segregates, stores, issues, delivers and turns-in organization and installation supplies and equipment. Operates unit level computer. Prepares all unit/organizational supply documents. Maintains automated supply system for accounting of organizational and installation supplies and equipment. Issues and receives small arms. Secures and controls weapons and ammunition in security areas. Schedules and performs preventive and organizational maintenance on weapons.

Inspects completed work for accuracy and compliance with established procedures. Coordinates supply activities. Reviews and annotates changes to unit material condition status report. Post transactions to organizational and installation property books and supporting transaction files. Determines method of obtaining relief from responsibility for lost, damaged and destroyed supply items.

Training Information

Job training for a unit supply specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instructions. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field, including practice in handling and storing stock.

Some of the skills you’ll learn are:
• Procedures for shipping, receiving, storing and issuing stock
•Stock control – more... and accounting procedures
•Procedures for handling medical and food supplies
•Movement, storage and maintenance of ammunition

ASVAB Score Required: 90 in aptitude area CL

Security Clearance: None

Strength Requirement: heavy

Physical Profile Requirement: 222222

Other Requirements
•Normal color vision required
•No documented instances in the last 5 years of conduct which reflects adversely on the character, honesty, or integrity of the soldier
•No conviction or other adverse disposition for criminal offenses listed as a misdemeanor or felony

Similar Civilian Occupations
•First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Office and Administrative Support Workers
• Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail, and Farm Products
• Purchasing Managers
• Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks
• Stock Clerks and Order Fillers
• Wholesale and Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Challanging workplace, team work required
Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (Current Employee), Albany, GAJune 11, 2014
Minor work on light wheeled vehicles Maintain wheeled vehicles, their associated trailers and material handling equipment systems. I use applicable references, inspecting, servicing, maintaining, repairing, replacement, adjusting and testing of wheeled vehicles and material handling equipment systems, subsystems and components such as: power plant/packs, compression ignition engines and engine fuel systems, air induction and exhaust systems and cooling systems. Vehicle chassis and power train components including, frame cross members, clutches assemblies, transmissions, transfers, final drives, propeller shaft assemblies, brake systems and steering systems, suspensions systems, fifth wheel assemblies, wheeled vehicle crane, hoist and winch assemblies, and hydraulic systems.
Performed all duties as an Automotive/Diesel Mechanic, by servicing several sizes of maintenance vehicles. Performed preventive maintenance (PM) that included changing oil, lube and filter changes, serviced batteries, checked and serviced air conditioning systems, serviced cooling systems and made minor repairs on sub-systems and components. Observed and implemented safety rules and regulations at all times and wore personal safety equipment/glasses. Advised supervisors and safety representatives of appropriate safety and occupational health measures to control or eliminate hazardous operating procedures or environmental conditions. Prepares and revises safety instructions and guides that are relevant to current or planned contractor and base employees. Investigate mishaps, obtains statements from witnesses, – more... and photograph mishap scenes; record circumstances of mishap and extent of injuries, estimates cost of property damage, and prepares a final report of findings with recommendations to correct the unsafe acts or conditions that caused the personnel injury or property damage. Provides technical safety training to supervisors and employees using a wide variety of materials, publications, exhibits, protective devises, and visual aids; promotes safety campaigns through oral presentations at local safety committee meetings, posting safety displays, and publishing mishaps prevention articles. Conducts or participates in opening conferences with managers and employee representatives explaining purpose and scope of inspection and pertinent safety and occupational health regulations. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Information Management Branch Chief
Information Management Branch Chief (Current Employee), Austin, TXOctober 3, 2012
 Managed 7 personnel responsible for over 150 mid-range servers.
 Conducted weekly meetings with upper management to discuss current and future efforts to develop and improve plans to meet Department of Defense Information Assurance Security regulations.
 Deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
 Managed network operations to include: troubleshooting connectivity problems; installing & maintaining routers; adding/removing users; assigning rights and access; resetting passwords; establishing e-mail addresses; assessing and reporting operational status; performing backups and restores; etc.
• Developed and implemented policies, procedures and plans to implement a green server environment to reduce the electrical footprint within the Texas National Guard.
• Implemented a centralized lifecycle management program, for acquisition, sustainment and implementation.
• Implemented the first virtual proxy server within the Texas National Guard.
• Developed policies, procedures, plans and programs to support requirements for the information management area.
• Incorporated strategic planning, policy and standards development, resource management, knowledge management and information security management within the agency.
• Provided occupational, technical, and analytical advice to the staff.
 As needed and appropriate but no less than annually, provides written technology policy guidance to managers, supervisors, staff and consumers/participants.
 Performs routine preventive maintenance on hardware and software.
 Develops annual technology goals and detailed plans for – more... goal accomplishment.
 Conducted monthly reviews all internal and external vacancies for the department to improve work flow balance.
 Ensures networks, workstations, operating systems and software applications are operational; ensures hardware and software is patched and/or updated
 Implemented first IT metric driven standards for department.
 Implemented and upgraded multiple IT security hardware/ software to include: Eeye Retina Scanner System, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and Cisco Network Access Control (NAC). – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Army National Guard
Public Affairs Sergeant (Current Employee), Augusta, MIOctober 27, 2013
Pros: enlistment bonuses, student loan repayment, camaraderie, physical fitness standards
Cons: congress funded, government shut-down, sequestration
Working in the military is a different experience for everyone. Your situation may be different depending on your job requirements.

I have been in for almost four years. My experience has been positive. I've met a great deal of people, learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses and gained a sense of pride.

Enlistment incentives include bonuses, tuition assistance and student loan repayment. I am getting my student loans paid off, up to $50,000 which is an enormous burden lifted.

However, congress and the federal government have a great impact on the military. The state government shut down in April 2011 and therefore we didn't have monthly drill and never made it up.

The federal government allowed sequestration spending cuts to occur Jan 1, 2013 therefore completely cutting tuition assistance. After a huge outcry by military and Defense Department leaders it was reinstated in March 2013.

The federal government allowed the government to partially shut down causing National Guard technicians to be furloughed for an indefinite amount of time. Monthly drill was canceled entirely for all units in the state. Tuition assistance shut down once again, the commissaries where military families shop for reduced price groceries in expensive duty locations (ie- Hawaii) were shut down. Grass went uncut, military housing and hotels were shuddered and it was quite an ordeal.

I was on active duty operational support orders and I was off work a couple days. It kicked my husband and I off of my health care without warning despite the fact I could have purchased it if I'd been given proper – more... notice. It caused a lot of questions to be raised about the security of the military.

All the good and bad should be properly considered when weighing the decision to enlist in the National Guard. While you go through the same training in Basic and AIT as the active duty component, the National Guard is a much different animal than the active duty side of life. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Indiana Army National Guard
Operations Specialist, Radio Telephone Operator (Current Employee), Jasper, INJuly 15, 2013
Pros: meals, training, transportation, and lodging all included
Cons: constant training somedays, overseas missions may be a factor lasting in excess of 9 months to one year.
Your typical day with the Indiana Army National Guard varies so greatly it will be too hard for me to explain with so few words. It will be better for me to give you an example of what a work week may look like as far as what all is to be accomplished. Starting on Monday at 7:30 AM may be inside the classroom working with how to use mapping tools and then transcribe your work effort over to a network share drive so everyone in the State of Indiana can access the effort pending on their permissions. By the end of the week on Friday you may be outside surveying the very same location where you used a computer to map a location for you early in the week.

With the Army I was taught a strong since of professionalism and how to take pride in my work. I learned that getting things done right the first time will enhance all of your workmanship qualities.

Management is a very easy topic to discuss due to the Military's rank structure. Everyone that is promoted in the U.S. Army is moved into a specific job where he will either lead the men and woman within that job or be lead by them. When it comes to certain situations where said people within that job may have an opportunity to be placed in charge usually that person is appointed by someone higher in rank than them.

Your co-workers like any other job are not chosen by you and having no choice in the matter you will have to get along with everyone otherwise you will not be able to experience a successful work place.

The aspect I enjoy most about the job is how the job task for the day is constantly changing. Whether the job itself – more... has changed or where the job maybe located no matter what the job always has a changing variable. This keeps the job interesting and doesn't keep the job in constant loop of the always the same thing. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Serving my Country
35T - MI Systems Maintainer/Integrator (Current Employee), Valdosta, GAJune 8, 2012
Pros: always changing atmosphere and new technologies requiring adapting and overcoming of new challenges
Cons: long drive to work 4hours, limited avail. hours
o Performs integration, critical alignment and calibration of Military Intelligence
(MI) systems.
o Application of advanced electronic theory, advanced concept and
troubleshooting theory to include basic and advanced computer concepts
and advanced troubleshooting skills using the Army's most advanced EW
o Provides Intelligence support and ensures interoperability for a wide
spectrum of MI networks.
o Conducts installation, configuration and maintenance of computer networks;
system administration(Active Directory).
o Basic analog and digital electronics repair, communications
theory (receivers, recorders, and multiplexing/de-multiplexing), transmission
line repair techniques, computer architecture/operating systems
fundamentals, automated messaging, and network
o Supervises the operation and proper use of Test, Measurement and
Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) and coordinates all logistical requirements in
support of systems maintenance, services, upgrades, specific training
o Assures completion and performs quality control of maintenance
Forensic Media Analysis:
o Collects time-sensitive actionable intelligence information with various
methodologies from multiple sources.
o Repair devices and networks: desktops, servers, computer networks.
o Portable and communication devices: laptop computers, personal digital
assistants (PDAs), cell phones, smart phones (iPhone, Droid), landlines.
o Data storage: wireless storage (cloud computing nodes or digital storage
online), external hard drives.
o Tactical missions: can be tasked – more... to simultaneously maintain and/or operate
sensors alongside other intelligence discipline collectors in the field. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
I love being a Soldier. The Army has been good to me.
11B Squad Leader (Current Employee), Crookston, MNDecember 21, 2013
Pros: i was able to travel all over the country and to several foreign countries, i met and served with the best people in my life, i have been extensively trained in all aspects of protective services, i have been to more military schools than most soldiers in any branch, and i am proud of my service.
Cons: besides some of those bad days, i have no complaints. joining army national guard was the best decision i've ever made.
I have been in the Army National Guard for 8 years, 6 of these years I was on Active Duty orders. After my first tour in Iraq, during "The Surge" in 2006-2007, I finished my last year of college and was sent to the Warrior Leader Course and then Air Assault School. Once I was done with that course, I was offered a job to go down and be an Instructor and a month later I was on Active Duty orders and stationed at Ft Benning, GA.

While stationed here, as an Instructor, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a lot of Military schools, Pathfinder, Airborne, Rappel Master, Army Basic Instructor Course, Tactics Certification Course, and a few others. The hours were long and we would go months without a break, but I loved being an Instructor and I worked with some of the best Soldiers our Country has to offer.

Then, I was offered a job with the Homeland Response Force in Arlington, VA. I loved that job and I loved living in the National Capital Region. But, after only four months, I was recalled back to Minnesota to go do another tour in Iraq from 2011-2012. My second deployment was quiet due to the fact that the war in Iraq was coming to an end. Unfortunately, I found out my position at the HRF was cut due to budget cuts. So, I went back to Minnesota.

I miss being on Active Duty. I have had the absolute best days of my life and the absolute worst days of my life in the Army National Guard. But, for every bad day I've had in the Army, I had 10 good ones too. And, even on the worst days, I was with the best friends anybody could ask for.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Where the bridge from civilian sector to military life is connected
RECRUTING/RENTENTION NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICER (Current Employee), Milwaukee, WIJanuary 27, 2014
Pros: continuously meeting new people, and assisting them in a life transition, and then watching them transform over the months and years.
Cons: leadership was too far removed from daily processes to effectively assist in the field
At the end of the day; every day was different from the one before. The bottom line in this industry was helping people improve their lives, and give them more opportunities to be successful. This position required long hours, around the clock availability to be successful. A typical client would be mentored anywhere between 1-2 months, or up to 2 years. I participated, and spear-headed countless community events, and functions around Milwaukee Co to promote the National Guard. During the summer, this meant a great deal of weekends to meet the Milwaukee summer event schedule. Became an extended faculty member of assigned schools, and campuses to assist students in career progression, educational goals for the workforce. Assisted other team members in applicant processing, job training, and anything else asked of me. Became extremely proficient in community outreach, communication and organizational skills, time management, and automation techniques. Managed my own work schedule to allow for maximum availability, Attended occupational and career progressive related schools to advance myself within the command, and to better serve the community.
Managed a team of recruiters for several years. Orally and transcribed counseling as needed to maintain a clear and concise team operation. Assisted with presentations, appointments, and or anything asked of me to accomplish the tasks at hand.
Assisted with the board selection of new recruiters, selection of office locations, and or anything that would help leadership complete their required tasks.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Professional Career
Training NCO (Current Employee), Lexington, MOOctober 15, 2013
Pros: gym available at work.
Cons: work load or unexpected due dates some times random.
Administered the command’s school program. Reviewed, validated, monitored and made recommendations concerning the forecasting of individual training requirements for subordinates elements. Assisted in resolving soldier prerequisite/eligibility problems. Responsible for coordinating through higher headquarters the request for special internal training course establishments and their availability for application through the training reservation automation system. Inputted requirements into the automated funds management requisition and authorization system. Reviewed, validated, and forwarded approved automated requests for orders. Monitored the use of funds sub-allocated to subordinate units for individual training, collective training, annual training, and special training events conducted in inactive and active duty status. Verified accounting classification data and coordinates with other organizations and higher headquarters to support unfunded events. Reviewed, consolidated, and made recommendations for the preparation of yearly training budget requirements.
Manager in the preparation of training directives, operations orders, deployment plans, and readiness reports. Assisted with command readiness inspections. Conducted evaluations of subordinate training operations, security, safety, and deployment readiness planning. Made recommendations as appropriate to correct deficiencies. Provided technical training and guidance to subordinate organizations in training quota management, ammunition management, and training/mission support funds accountability. Managed the preparing – more... of training directives, schedules, circulars, and yearly training plans/calendar. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Professional Organization
Recruiting and Retention NCO (Current Employee), WisconsinJuly 7, 2015
Pros: Flexibility in work days and excellent co-workers and organizational standards
Cons: Advancement beyond mid-career level is difficult and slow
This position challenges me each day to provide the highest level of knowledge and professionalism regarding the Wisconsin National Guard, and the goals and benefits associated with membership in the organization. Serving a market that varies in socio-economic status and education levels helped to sharpen my skills in finding particular customer needs and identifying the ways in which our organization can serve those needs.

In a typical day I converse with no less than 50 individuals by telephone, electronic correspondence, and primarily in person. I represent, market, and sell the National Guard to people found within my assigned area of responsibility.

The individuals on my team are all excellent and capable professionals. While each of us are given an individual accession goal, as a team we do very well at sharing market trends, advice, and strategies. The leadership in my organization is forward thinking and willing to share experience and advice when sought.

The hardest part of this job is working with a younger demographic that has difficulty making long-term commitments. By identifying reasons that this tends to be an issue, I am able to overcome this obstacle by creating a long term vision and strategy that my customers are able to recognize will benefit their goals.

The most enjoyable part of this job is my ability to help those who may not be able to pursue academic goals due to financial obstacles. By representing my organization with a high standard of integrity and honesty, I am able to identify and grow my organization with like minded individuals, – more... while also benefiting those individuals with growth opportunity. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
High energy but very demanding of your personal time
SGT E-5 (Current Employee), Davenport, IAApril 28, 2014
Pros: great health benefits and pay.
Cons: time away from family and church..
Establishes and maintains contacts,

Contacts, interviews, and advises civilian personnel to obtain qualified applicants for enlistment into the Army. Contacts representatives of schools, public officials, personnel managers, parents of prospective applicants, religious and civil leaders, and others to present the Army as an employment and career opportunity. Presents formal and informal talks on advantages of the Army at civic and service organizations and student bodies.


Distributes and displays recruiting publicity material. Establishes liaison with local radio, television, and newspaper agencies. Writes, edits, or presents recruiting material for use by local communications agencies. Lends and exhibits motion pictures for civic, fraternal, and service organizations and educational institutions.

Evaluates applicants,

Administers and scores screening physical examination, and enlisted screening test of applicants and counsels with regard to reasonable occupational aspirations within the Army. Counsels disqualified applicants. Assists in administration of Armed Services Vocational Battery (ASVAB) and explains results to school officials and students.


Advises applicants of disqualification's which are waiverable and assists preparation of waiver application. Gathers individual data and prepares forms and documents incident to enlistment processing. Arranges for transportation, meals, and lodging for applicants where required. Maintains prospect card files, school program folders, and prospecting lists. Assists in market research and analysis – more... of recruiting territory and makes appropriate recommendations to station commander. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Motor Transport Operator (88M) (Current Employee), Leonard, MOApril 10, 2012
Basic and advanced medium/heavy vehicle control and operation, with/without semi-trailer, on/off road
• Accident prevention and local driving laws
• Safety check procedures
• Proper use of operator records, maintenance, and accident forms
• International road signs
• Basic vehicle maintenance
• Transporting hazardous materials
Heavy Machinery Operator:

• Operate all wheel vehicles and equipment over varied terrain and roadways for support of Army Joint-service operations
• Operate vehicle mounted, automated information, communication, and navigation systems
• Manage load, unload, and safety of personnel being transported
• Oversee and check proper loading and unloading of cargo on vehicles and trailers
• Secure cargo against inclement weather, pilferage, and damage
• Operate vehicle component material handling equipment (MHE), as required
• Employ both mounted and dismounted land navigation techniques
• Must be knowledgeable with the operation of radios and weapons when they are mounted on the vehicle
• Employ convoy defense techniques
• Perform vehicle self-recovery and field expedient repairs, to include towing vehicles
• Identify, correct, or report all vehicle deficiencies; supporting mechanics where necessary
• Prepare vehicle for movement/shipment by air, rail, or vessel
Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) Cadre:
• Train and motivate Future Soldiers awaiting to leave for Basic Combat Training (BCT)
• RSP Introduction
• Rank identification and Reporting Procedures
• Drill and Ceremony
• Proper Wear of the Military Uniform
• Army Values, Soldier's Creed and Warrior Ethos – more...
• Disassemble, Assemble and Perform a Function Check on Various Weapons
• Fireguard and Guard Duties/General Orders
• Basic Military Communication (Phonetic Alphabet and Numbers/Military Time)
• First Aid – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
maintenance mechanic supervisor
Maintenance Team Leader (Current Employee), Reading, MAAugust 29, 2012
Pros: member of a team, live the army values
Cons: good ole boys network, not what you know but who you know
Plan, assign, direct, and be accountable for all work performed in the respective Vehicle Repair Services unit throughout the Sector. troubleshoot, repair, and/or overhaul major automotive components and systems such as engines, transmissions, differentials and transaxles, electronic fuel injection systems, emission control systems, and related electrical, electronic, hydraulic, fuel, and other assemblies.Is able to tear down, adjust, repair, reassemble, and run operational checks on components of these systems following instructions contained in technical manuals.Is required to specialize in tearing down, overhauling, and rebuilding one or a limited variety of major systems for a variety of vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks, buses, and tractors.Is able to use a wide variety of test procedures and equipment to trace hard-to-locate defects or problems, and then complete repairs and installations.

Establishes yearly priorities and goals relating to the utilization and operation of all Agency equipment used forNational Guard operations, to include supervision of everyday equipment maintenance, but also the operating of heavy equipment; instructs subordinates, reviews work in progress or upon completion; determines equipment, supplies and equipment at work sites as needed.Schedules and approves leave for subordinates; sets performance requirements and makes formal and informal performance appraisals; plans and initiates training such as safety, improved methods of repair, training on new technologies in repair of vehicle components through available training facilities.Maintains – more... production reports and records. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
tipcal day
Level IV Security Officer (Current Employee), Houston, TXOctober 14, 2013
As a front desk assent for command general PSD in 2006-2007 help professional or management staff in support of the on-going operations of the office. I also help with the coordination, scheduling meetings, preparing and maintaining office records, reports, and correspondence pertaining to the professional(s)'s and/or management staff's area of responsibility. I also have the knowledge of the supervisor's point of view and priorities and organization, work flow, staffing, forms, and procedures. Finally, the knowledge of the use and make up of form.
As well as the Skill in typing from clear copy at a rate of 45 net words per minute. I also have worked with different type of software Excel, Word Processer, Office Works and Word, Date Basing. Composes and types routine letters, memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, scientific or technical material, numerical data, charts and forms. Receives and screens visitors and telephone calls, takes messages, schedules appointments for professional(s) and/or management staff and provides information to callers requiring knowledge of agency's operations, supervisor's point of view, and the interpretation and application of policies and procedures.
and have the ability to follow, apply, interpret, and explain instructions and/or guidelines. Determine work priorities and ability to make decisions and take appropriate actions. Meet my schedules and deadlines of the work area, to perform mathematical calculations. Also, to communicate effectively, compose routine correspondence and reports. My ability to type 45wpm, operate standard office equipment. – more... Such as phones, computers, fax machine, copier and shredder – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
great place to work
Materials Management (Current Employee), Carson City, NVSeptember 30, 2014
Requesting and Receiving Supplies, Disposition of Property, Accounting for Property, Assigning Responsibility for Property, Controlling Components of End Items, Management of Basic and Operational Loads, Repair Parts Procedures, Inspection and Inventory Procedures, Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE), Ammunition Management, Hazardous Material Management, Preparation of DA Form 2765–1, Preparation of DA Form 3161, Preparation of DA Form 581, Preparation of DD Form 1348–6, Requests for recoverable or non expendable, Preparation for overseas movement, Requests for medical items, Document Register, Supply Status, and Due-In Status, Keeping the DA Form 2064, Follow-up, Cancellation, Modification, and Reconciliation, DA Forms 1687, Send the request to the SSA, DD
Form 1348–1, Turn-in of property book and non expendable items, Turn-in of expendable and durable supplies, found on installation, DA Form 4949, Turn-in of returnable containers, Lateral Transfer of Property, receive and turn-in of items to the SSSC, Assigning Responsibility for Property, Hand receipts, Reconciliation and validation of supply requests with the SSA,
Temporary hand receipt, DA Form 2062, DA Form 3749, Receipt and issue of property inventory, Change of hand receipt holder inventory, Change of responsible, Tool room inventory, Annual/cyclic inventory, Sensitive item inventory, Annual property book officer inventory, Weapons and ammunition inventories, Cash collections of OCIE, Requesting, Receiving, Hand-receipting, and Turning-in
Ammunition, Requesting issue and turn-in of hazardous material. – more...
A few systems I have worked with are PBUSE, ISM/CIF, – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Military Trained Professional
Human Resource Technician/ Paralegal Specialist (Current Employee), Gulfport, MS 39507June 15, 2012
Prepared and processed recommendations for awards and decorations and arranged for awards ceremony. Prepared and monitored requests for promotions and arranges for promotion ceremony, to include promotion declinations, reconsideration for promotions, and arrange for reduction and removal boards for soldiers on local promotion standing lists. Prepared and monitored requests for reductions, transfers, and discharges. Prepared and monitored requests for identification cards and tags, leaves, and passes, line of duty determination, MILPER data and information management, orders for temporary duty and travel, personnel processing, training and reassignment, retention, military and special pay pro grams, personnel accounting and strength management, transition processing, legal, meal cards, training soldier support file, and unit administration. Provides preliminary legal and administrative support to unit commanders and staff and coordinates legal actions with supervising legal office. Prepares and processes legal documents in support of courts-martial, non-judicial punishment, and other military justice matters; line of duty determinations, separation board proceedings, and other administrative law matters; legal assistance services; claims processing and investigations. Supervises the operation of a section in a command or installation legal office. Provides technical guidance to subordinates. Maintains law/administrative library and section files and records. Monitors and reviews actions to ensure accuracy and timely dispatch or disposition.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
An Honor.
91 D Generator Mechanic (Former Employee), Sea Girt, NJFebruary 9, 2015
Pros: good clean hardwork, very nice atmosphere
Cons: some unreliables that can make military life miserable when they have the rank.
Serving in the army was a rewarding experience. It prepared me for a great many things in life and opened up a lot of roads for me. I got to travel, have okay pay with mostly good people, and was made to work for every cent.

A typical day is a report in at 0530 where the First SGT fills the company on the general to-do list. 0600 we begin work, as I was apart of maintenance we would head over to the motor pool and work on Vehicles such as Humvee, and I would work on the generators if we would be needing them in the next few months.

This involves coming in to a work order or an assignment from the unit and inspecting the vehicle/asset for proper operation and then creating a report of the inspection, a work order request for any parts/hardware we need, and then installing the said parts/hardware into the unit then verifying the asset/vehicle works correctly. Lunch at 1200 to 1300 and two 15 minute breaks.

It was generally a very pleasant environment in the motor pool other than when you would have to deal with the Supply SGT, medical or administration.

Other days we would be teaching the unit's troops how to operate and do basic maintenance on the unit assets or conduct normal soldierly duties such as ammo guard, ammo distribution, weapon training, power point classes on different aspects of military life/policies/assets ranging from leadership to harassment.

Once in awhile we get a field mission where we set up a Forward Supply base, set up security/power, and prep to maintain the supply lines.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Loved it
Engineer/Specialist (Former Employee), Gate City, VAAugust 24, 2015
Pros: Nothing comes close to military life, travel the world, get experiences you will not find anywhere else.
Cons: if leadership isn't what it should be you will hate it, outdated and often unsafe tools/equipment
Life in the military is unlike anything else I've ever experienced.

I could go on and on about the opportunities I had while in the service however most people hear that often therefore I will elaborate on the downsides.

There are plenty of smart individuals who are in the service and many plan on retiring from there and due to this it can take forever for a leadership position to open up unless you want to transfer. Many times you are lucky and end up working with some truly great individuals and honestly that's hard to walk away from.

I've seen and heard horror stories about individuals who had really awful leadership either as officers or NCO's. If you have really awful leadership or said leadership doesn't like you then this will be the worst experience of your life (more so if you're active duty).

In a lot of ways the military is behind the times especially when it comes to training at reserve units and the tools we have on hand. The only issue I ran into was I couldn't drive a stick very well and that's all I got flak over however this was coming from people who hen pecked on a keyboard and many refused to use a computer. Obviously something was wrong with this picture.

During my time I traveled overseas twice and also worked with the red cross during a federal disaster and it was honestly a once in a lifetime experience. I worked with people from all branches of service (even coast guard) and I miss it often.
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The United States Army (USA) is the main branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is the largest and oldest established branch of the U.S. military, and is one of seven U.S. uniformed services. The modern army has its roots in the Continental Army which was formed on 14 June 1775,[4] to meet the demands of the American Revolutionary War before the establishment of the United States. The Congress of the Confederation officially created the United States Army on 3 June 1784[5][6] after the end of the Revolutionary War to replace the disbanded Continental Army. The army considers itself to be descended from the Continental Army and thus dates its inception from the origins of that force.[4]

The primary mission of the army is "to fight and win our Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of military operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders."[7] The army is a military service within the Department of the Army, one of the three military departments of the Department of Defense. The army is headed by the Secretary of the Army, and the top military officer in the department is the Chief of Staff of the Army. The highest ranking army officer is currently the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During fiscal year 2011, the Regular Army reported a strength of 546,057 soldiers; the Army National Guard (ARNG) reported 358,078 and the United States Army Reserve (USAR) reported 201,166 putting the combined component strength total at 1,105,301 soldiers
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