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Burial At Sea services from Maine to Florida
For Ash Scatterings and Full Body Burials at Sea

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The largest national provider for customized ash scattering memorials and full body burials at sea events from coast to coast. Based in Marshfield Hills, MA, the company operates
 – more... year round serving all faiths with personalized and affordable services. Recommended and approved by most funeral homes. Properly insured, USCG licensed, uses over forty eight different vessels for up to 400 people (some vintage yachts dating back to 1935) that are clean and current with the latest safety gear. Prices start at just $495.00. Events include an official ship’s parchment sea burial certificate marking the coordinates of the decedent’s final resting place complete with a Ship’s burgee and more.

As seen in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Business Journal and television program Chronicle, Fox News, NECN and more, NEBAS has grown into the “Go To” company for sea burials.

Founded in 2006, NEBAS has quickly become the leader in at sea services for ash scattering and full body burials from coast to coast. Using over 48 sea burial certified vessels, NEBAS works direct with clients and with hundreds of funeral homes across America to honor the final wishes of thousands of people who want to be buried at sea. – less

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