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Corporate Writer, Lansing, MI - March 2, 2015
Working for the company for less than six months perhaps shows best what kind of a place it is to work for.

I was asked to accept the job on the spot, and was reprimanded for asking for 24-hours to think over the offer's compensation and incentives (side note: they will not tell you anything about the benefits package ahead of time -- which, frankly, isn't all that great anyway). I was told I should've been grateful for what was given to me and that I needn't have applied if I wanted to ask so many questions.

That should've given me my first clue that this wasn't the place for me. Having to report to multiple managers (the hierarchy of which was never fully explained), and being told that I should only do things the way my predecessor did and that any suggestions otherwise were "stupid" and "useless" and "not what we do around here," were just a few of the additional problems.

Even when I asked two of my superiors for help with the situation -- I was told that my predecessor wouldn't have been unhappy about it and I needed to reevaluate how I acted.

The hardest part of the job was the lack of voice and respect I had, and how others in entirely different departments had some say in the functions of my job.

All of this and more caused me to begin looking for a new job about two months after starting.