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Working at Nordstrom

  • spartygirl 17 days ago
    Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Nordstrom? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers? What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Nordstrom?
  • Eric_winslow in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 1 month ago
    Do you work at Nordstrom? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
  • Lily in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 2 months ago
    Nordstrom being considered one of the best companies to work for has to be a paid-for advertisement, unless they are referring ONLY to employees involved in new store openings and new-hire orientation. Nordstrom does a lot of new store openings and spectacle new-hire orientations, so those people have secure jobs, but for those who apply to work in these new stores, your job is NOT secure. The public is being fooled into thinking Nordstrom is creating jobs. They do these big production new store openings but what you don't know is after the big circus employees are cut and back into the unemployment pool. This company is definitely not a job to base your future on, or even base your week on because you can be easily fired with only 2 seconds notice, if that, and they don’t bat an eye about it. Working hard and giving your all because you believe in the rumors that they are a good people business will only cause you great disappointment in the end, because humble and considerate they are not. You are a work horse who could be put down at any given moment without valid reason other than business is slow we can’t keep you.. This is not a job you take if you are needing a job for survival. This is a job you take ONLY if you can afford to be unsuspectingly fired. This is 100% one of those jobs you take only for the discount or as a supplement. Regardless of your great worth ethic and years invested in the company, you are disposable. Even if you make Allstar, several times you should still have a back-up security plan because slow business sales could mean an instant layoff for you, and if your name is listed last on the schedule BE VERY CONCERNED. They oddly rank employees based off no real system other than who woes them the best. Career potential is strictly based on how long you have been with them, so you will be ranked last for a while. They proudly state “repeatedly” during new-hire orientation that they hire from within and offer great career opportunity, but tha
  • del_fran04 in Fresno, California 4 months ago
    What's nordstorms policy on employee hair color? I figure it's natural hair colors only but I can't find any solid evidence that says so.
  • del_fran04 in Fresno, California 4 months ago
    I just recieved an email for a phone interview this saturday. I never had a phone interview, what should I expect, I want to be able to move forward to a face to face interveiw after. So any advice would be highly appreciative. If I do get called for a face ro face interview what should wear? Ive never shop at Nordstrom before but if I get this job I plan on making it one of ,my shopping destinations. I really need this job, im going crazy not javing a job right now. I have the interview for retail sales. I have done sales for another company before but it wasnt clothing store it was different but profit of that company was based only on sales alone so offering the customer somethingmmore I am used to that. So yeah any advice what I should expect during the phone interview and face to face?
  • STARTING PAY – 0 replies
    Maria in Havertown, Pennsylvania 7 months ago
    You can start at the Rack at $10 an hour and go up to $13. But that's the cap. Once you're at $13 an hour, you get fired.
  • idk-odsFish in Auburn, Washington 11 months ago
    I've recently participated in a phone screen for an Site Specialist position & it was mentioned after asked my desired salary the job only pays $19/hr!!?? This seems VERY low, it is an entry level position - but most IT entry level jobs are at least $45,000/yr I'd say in Seattle. It'd be much appreciated if anyone can give some insight into this. Thanks!
  • tiatiabobia in seattle, Washington 13 months ago
    what is the starting salary for a part-time & full-time sales associate?
  • FashionBeautii in Bloomington, Indiana 18 months ago
    What is the pay scale ??? Salary and commisson ???
  • Curious in Chicago, Illinois 23 months ago
    If you are working for Nordstrom's in Jewelry/Accessories or Men's Apparel, what is the dress code? Do you have to wear Nordstorm's labels? I'm interested in working there, and have an upcoming interview, but alot of my "business casual" wear is from Kohls like the J Lo line, H&M I actually don't really have any of Nordstrom's brands clothing to wear right away. What is the company discount like? I'm just wondering what to expect. I suppose I should of asked this for my interview, I'm planning on wearing a dress by JLo-Kohls, it's a very beautiful sheath, but not sold at Nordstrom's of course!
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Senior Sales Assistant (Current Employee), Sterling, VASeptember 4, 2014