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North American Textile Company, LLC (NATco) is a global supplier of packaging and trims in the apparel industry. NATco is headquartered in California, with offices strategically located throughout the globe. From the drafting of a concept, to the production of the final product, NATco’s goal is to supply the best service in coordination with the client and their contractors or licensees. NATco’s management expertise amounts to over thirty years in textile, printing, and trims. This translates into the indispensable ability to organize production and distribution, considering the best suitable logistics.



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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Horrible Family Business
Who Cares, HQ - March 6, 2014
Typical Day: Always FAST-PASED, BUT stressed which is NOT good, especially for how much they expect you to do and how they compensate back (pay, vacation, benefits, overall culture of workplace, appreciation)

- You learn how to use SAP
- Good place for right after college, no degree or if you've never had a job, easy to learn
- Love some co-workers, others are not professional
- Owners always YELLING, disrespectful family business, with the whole family having the top positions and favoring certain people like family friends
- Pay is HORRIBLE, and they are always promising things and never stick to it, too cheap to give raises
- Barely any holidays, and some unpaid on the occasion (oh thanks)
- 5 days paid vacation FOR THE YEAR and it never changes, otherwise unpaid
- 2 paid sick days THE WHOLE YEAR
- Took out the TV, kitchen is not stocked with ANYTHING but disgusting coffee and cheap creamer/sugar, and a measly HALF AN HOUR for lunch. Do you want me to inhale my food?
- HR is a joke, we only have company events when employees ask or once in a blue moon when they actually do their job other than mess around, birthdays and some holidays- but cheap food/cake
- Horrible Benefits too

They don't care about their employees and it shows, all they care about is making money. Haven't you seen the most successful businesses are the ones that put in the money and time to make sure the employees enjoy their work, have a good work/life balance. They aren't learning from it and hence the high turnaround. People stay for a couple months or a year if that, then leave. Yeah, keep saving on all your costs, your company will plateau and never move forward with this structure.



  • Product Development/ Customer Service (Apparel Packaging & Trims)

    Glendale, CA
    • Development and costing of all items handled by the team • Create target costs and suggest prices to be approved by manager • All day to day communication...
  • Accounting Assistant

    Glendale, CA
    North American Textile Company, LLC (NATco) is a global supplier of packaging and trims for some of the world's largest apparel retailers and manufacturers....
  • Executive Assistant

    Glendale, CA
    Develop, and monitor effective communication channels with clients and internal teams to support and satisfy client and company needs....
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