Summer Camp Nurse
North Star Camp - Hayward, WI

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Graduation from and accredited School of Nursing or awaiting licensure as an R.N. or L.P.N. All nurses will need to obtain a temporary license if they are not already licensed in the state of Wisconsin.

To provide first aid, nursing services and to help monitor health and sanitation procedures throughout the camp. The nurse will provide for special medical needs, educate campers and staff in accident/illness prevention, and make sure medications are safeguarded and administered. The nurse will keep accurate records and be on call when camp is in session. It is expected that the nurse will be an example of healthful living and will help educate in wellness concepts.

To be able to navigate hilly terrain quickly in the event of an emergency. To be able to function during the day if sleep is interrupted at night. Good eye sight for assessment of patients.


  • To maintain direct communication on a daily basis with camp director in charge of the health center to discuss health related issues in the camp community.
  • To go through all medical records and make lists of campers who have allergies to medication, food, environmental allergies or any other issue that we should take note of.
  • To preside at all health checks and to follow up on any problems seen in the Health Center.
  • To be on call when in camp and available at all times to campers who are inpatients in the Health Center. This will necessitate carrying a radio.
  • To conduct screenings on all campers before trips and at three times during the summer; at check-in and checkout.
  • To coordinate and dispense all medication on a mealtime schedule and at the end of the evening program. No medication will be dispensed by the nurse without a Doctor’s order. All medications given will be recorded in compliance with state law. To make sure that medications are safeguarded under lock and Key. To make sure that we understand dosages, schedules, side effect and indications for medications prescribed for our campers and when clarification is needed to contact the parent and prescribing physician.
  • To prepare all first aid kits and to check and replenish frequently. To follow up on any first aid given to campers by our first aiders.
  • To coordinate and help trippers interpret health forms and to brief trippers on camper’s medications, allergies and health needs prior to overnight trips. Cabin health summaries will be sent on overnight trips. To follow up on any problems after the trips and to debrief trippers regarding camper health issues while on the trip.
  • To provide care for any inpatients and be accessible to campers during their stay. The nurse will want to help make the stay pleasant by providing entertainment and diversion and hygiene routines: i.e. daily showers, teeth brush, etc.


  • Daily log entries on all campers who come to the health center no matter how small a problem.
  • Keep Inpatient records. Put an admitting note and discharge note in the online record.
  • Record of H&P with signed authorization to treat.
  • Documentation on the digital record any significant problems along with lab reports. Any campers who are started on a course of treatment must have a note in the record and parents must be notified. Document contact with parents.
  • Medication record and any consultation outside of camp.
  • Accident reports and workman’s compensation reports.
  • To collect information from health forms, making lists of campers that we need to know soon after their arrival. Campers with drug allergies or food allergies will appear on posted lists. Food allergy list will go to camp director, the kitchen and the camp store. To inform camp director and counselors of any pertinent information from health histories during pre-camp.
  • To keep a master calendar of appointments, treatments and allergy shots. To coordinate trips to town for medical care. To make sure the proper insurance information and forms go with the camper or staff person, i.e. workman’s comp forms.
  • To coordinate communication with a camper’s parents when a camper spends the night or is treated for any significant problem. Phone calls with go through director. Documentation of calls will be kept in the medical record.
  • To see to it that the Health Center is kept immaculate and sanitized with the beds made, floors swept and mopped.
  • To ensure that inventories are maintained. All purchases must be checked with director prior to ordering.
  • To close down and conduct an inventory and supplies order for the following season.