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About Nuru International

Nuru International is not a religious organization. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public benefit charity committed to pioneering holistic, sustainable solutions to end extreme poverty in partnership with the poor. To learn more check out What Is Nuru?

Why was Nuru founded? Nuru was created out of Jake Harriman's and John Hancox's desire to practically
 – more... live out the teachings of Jesus and engage the crisis of extreme poverty. By partnering with impoverished communities around the world Nuru seeks to empower the poor with the means to acquire clean drinking water, food, healthcare, education, and micro-enterprise. To learn more check out Who Is Nuru?

What does Nuru mean? Nuru is a Kiswahili word meaning light (Kiswahili is the language of the Kuria people). To learn more check out What Is Nuru?

What is Nuru's mission? Nuru International exists to eradicate extreme poverty by holistically empowering rural communities to achieve self-sufficiency and inspiring the developed world to confront the crisis of extreme poverty.

How is Nuru different? The fight against extreme poverty needs new ideas, fresh perspectives and innovative methods. Nuru is different than other humanitarian organizations in several ways, but in short, we're students of history and have studied the successes and failures of the humanitarian sector from the past 50 years. From our research and experience we've compiled a groundbreaking new model that is holistic, sustainable, empowering, measurable and scalable. We're also rallying the next generation in the developed world around the cause of ending extreme poverty in our lifetimes. We like to say Nuru is NGO 2.0. To learn what that means, click here to see How Nuru Works.

Where does the money go? Nuru is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public benefit charity committed to pioneering holistic, sustainable solutions to end extreme poverty in partnership with the poor. Our goal is to become completely financially sustainable within fifteen years by developing revenue sources within our Seed Projects and volunteer tourism. However, as we begin this journey, we have many financial needs as we empower the Kuria people to end extreme poverty in their community. Currently we are in the start-up phase with a small core of paid staff and full-time volunteers. Our first foundation team is on the ground establishing a baseline of need in the community and mobilizing dozens of Kenyan staff and volunteers. Click here to learn more about the Kuria Project.

How do you choose Seed Project locations? Nuru is committed to serving the over 1.1 billion people in the world living in extreme poverty (earning less than $1 a day) by focusing on rural communities. Seed Project locations are determined by a number of factors including community size (between 5,000-10,000), community commitment, the absence of other NGOs, the specific needs of the community in relation to our 5 Areas of Development, and the potential to maximize our organizational impact. Click here to learn How Nuru Works.

How do I get involved in fighting extreme poverty? There are many ways to get into the fight. To learn more check out Be Nuru.

How do I donate? There are three ways to donate: here on our website, on our Facebook Cause Page, or by check. For specifics, go to our Donate page.

How can I apply for a job or volunteer position at Nuru? Click on over to our Jobs at Nuru page to view openings.

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