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Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, known as NYK Line, is at home in ports around the globe. With a fleet of about 800 vessels, the company is one of the world's largest marine transportation providers. The NYK Line fleet includes bulk carriers, containerships, tankers, and a variety of specialized vessels, including car carriers and liquefied natural gas – more... (LNG) carriers; overall, the fleet has a capacity of more than 50 million deadweight tons (DWT). In conjunction with its marine transportation business, NYK Line offers such logistics services as customs clearance, supply chain management, and warehousing, and operates more than 40 marine terminals.

Other businesses include airfreight carrier Nippon Cargo Airlines, NYK Cruises, and NYK Trading (petroleum sales and shipping-agency services). The company also provides property management services.

The company exited its contract food services and restaurant business in early 2011 by selling its stakes in Chiyoda Kyushoku Services and Marunouchi Polestar to Seiyo Food-Compass Group. NYK retained 10% of Chiyoda's shares.

NYK Line, along with its industry peers, has struggled as fuel prices sky-rocketed followed by the global economic downturn that has caused cargo demand to plunge. As one of the biggest car carriers, NYK Line particularly has suffered along with the automotive industry

NYK Line is banking on increased demand for oil. About 80% of the company's new vessels are intended for use in the natural resources and energy transportation. Many of which are under long term contracts to customers in growing economies such as Brazil, China, and India.  – less