Mail Center Supervisor
OMG, LLC - Cincinnati, OH

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The employee in this position oversees management of the Mail Service Centers with some experience in Print/Copy for a client within the OH Region to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained. Develop and maintain working relationships with OMG staff, Client Liaison, client employees and related vendors. Coordinate and provide pertinent information and training for client and OMG staff to improve efficiencies in all areas managed. Reports to Senior Operations Manager in the form of written updates and reports. Identifies growth in business opportunity at facility. This employee will attend or participate in activities sponsored by: Local PCC, Chamber of Commerce and Community Events. Assist Sales Representative in developing new OMG business at client site and surrounding areas. Must be able to work in a fast paced environment and capable of handling situations of considerable difficulty.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Hire and retain employees capable of fulfilling assignments and achieving set objectives.
2. Train employees in the proper completion of tasks and lead them to successful goal achievement.
3. Forecast needs and establish goals for area of responsibility.
4. Allocate resources – people, equipment, and time.
a. Including decisions on jobs that will be either performed internally or outsourced.
b. Work closely with Purchasing to determine most cost effective methods of production.
5. Preparation of volume and management reports.
6. Act as a consultant of postal matters for the client as required.
7. Site schedules and payroll summaries.
8. Provide written or verbal updates on gained efficiencies and cost savings to OMG or client operating costs.
9. Monitor site progress and ensure its congruence with established performances.
10. Preparation and review of annual or probationary employee performances.
11. Quarterly site performance survey reports.
12. Maintain updated SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for site.
13. Attend OMG management meetings and designated training classes.
14. Other duties as assigned

Other Duties:
1. Evaluate and recommend any changes in workflow processes; evaluate and recommend solutions to Senior Management. Assess need of client to ensure proper contract requirements. These recommendations are accepted based on research, documentation, and cost justifications.
2. Assist in consulting responsibility for the other sites and would have input on subjects proficient in.
3. Approval of staffing and expense management.
4. Approval of workflow, equipment and technology solutions and recommendations.
5. Responsibility for staff and vendor performance in relationship to services.

1. Marketing/Sales
2. Running the business
3. Finance
4. Human Capital
5. Strategic Planning
6. Communication
7. Negotiation
8. Problem Solving
9. Change Management
10. Coach and Mentoring
11. Focused Drive
12. Solve problems efficiently
13. Emotional Intelligence
14. Trusted Influence
15. Conceptual Thinking
16. Systems Thinking

Supervisory Responsibilities:
Hire: Determine the duties to be performed and select the best qualified candidate. This includes submitting the staff request form, posting the job, working with the Human Resources Department to conduct the recruitment, screening applications, interviewing candidates, checking references and documenting the selection.

Orient and Train: Provide appropriate orientation for the employee addressing site specific details. Give employees the information, technology and reference materials necessary to perform their jobs. Training is an ongoing activity, crucial for new staff as well as for long-term staff who take on new responsibilities or who experience change in the way their existing duties need to be performed. Those who take on new responsibilities or experience job changes typically need additional direction and guidance for a period of time until the new work becomes more familiar.

Assign work: Assign certain duties to the employee, explaining how those duties are to be done (i.e. what level of performance will meet the supervisor’s expectations) and communicate how the successful performance of those duties will be measured. Ensure that the employee is working under a current job description and in a classification appropriate to the duties. Update job description, and submit it to the Human Resources Department, as needed.

Evaluate Performance: Be sure your employee is familiar with the format of the appraisal form you will be using and is clear about the evaluation process. Proper attention to performance evaluation during the probationary period and carefully considered decisions as to whether the employee should pass probation can be critical. The initial probationary period is your opportunity to judge the suitability of an employee for a specific position. If you have any concerns about an employee’s performance during probation, contact the Human Resources Department. After probation is complete, continue to have regular, ongoing discussions during which you can provide feedback throughout the year; complete a specific written appraisal at least once annually.

Reward Performance: Recommend performance awards and/or merit increases when appropriate. As merit increases and awards programs are implemented, supervisors will receive information for their eligible employees.

Approving Time Records and Requests for Time off: Sign weekly time and attendance records and approve requests for time off. Your signature on a time record means you concur with the hours worked as recorded by the employee, including any overtime worked or time taken off. Supervisors are responsible for approving requests for a leave of absence or to use compensatory time off or vacation time; and for ensuring their employees’ appropriate use of sick leave.

Resolve Complaints: Help employees address and resolve a wide variety of concerns and complaints. These typically involve job duties and job descriptions, performance standards, relations with co-workers, relations with supervisors and managers. Supervisors are responsible for being familiar with the options available and making referrals to employees.

Discipline and Dismiss Employees: Address performance problems through corrective action and dismissal. Human Resources provide extension support and guidance to managers and supervisors in any disciplinary or dismissal action. Supervisors are responsible for documenting performance and keeping written records of performance problems.

Training: All supervisors should familiarize their employees on policy for Title IX, Americans with Disabilities Act, Worker’s Compensation, etc. as well as scheduled OMG training for development.

Additional responsibilities of supervisors include such activities as developing your staff, mentoring, and providing career coaching; motivating your staff, individually and as a group; understanding and supporting diversity; and establishing an effective team.

Physical Demands:
The ability to exert maximum muscle force to lift, push, pull, or carry objects.