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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Fun job but low pay and prejudice captain kills it, brown nose behavior encouraged
First Mate, Chicago, IL - March 25, 2015
In the beginning it was a fun place to work. Fellow coworkers for the most part were some of the most awesome people to work. To this day I still think fondly of many of them. You get to meet and work with people of all kinds and from all walks of life which was great. Looks good on resume too. Long hours and lots of work was welcomed but after a while it becomes too much since the pay was so low. Promotions were not hard to come by if you worked your butt off. Uniforms are sharp but company makes you pay for them and they are not cheap, which I always thought was bull considering the wage they start you at. Anyway, if it wasn't because I met my wife there I honestly have to say that every thing good was greatly diminished by one particular captain. Also the butt kissing nature of other employees sometimes made it hard to know who you could trust. One last thing, being part of the marine crew means a great deal of responsibility and for the pay it really isn't worth it.