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Open Knowledge Foundation

About Open Knowledge Foundation

The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) is a community-based not-for-profit organisation founded in 2004 in Cambridge, UK. We were founded by Rufus Pollock who remains a director. The company Open Knowledge Foundation Limited was incorporated on 20 May 2004.

What do you do?

We build tools and communities to create, use and share open knowledge, content
 – more... and data that everyone can use, build on and share.

As well as technical tools, the foundation also works on legal tools and open data standards.

We also run events and other activities to help promote awareness about the need for open data.

What's your vision?

We believe that by creating an open knowledge commons and developing tools and communities around this we can make a significant contribution to society.

This includes everything from greater transparency around public spending to more collaborative scientific research. See vision for more details.

Where can I get an overview of countries you work in?

The Foundation was established in Cambridge, UK and the OKNF now has chapters, partnerships & interest groups all over the world. You can see a list of official OKFN chapters and groups here.

For an overview of where our topic-based working groups and projects have been established, please see the countries listed in our mailing lists.

Don't see a mailing list for your country? Know people who would be interested in continuing the discussion and organising local events where you are? Get in touch and we will happily set up a list for your country!

What projects do you do?

The OKF's Flagship Projects include:

CKAN, open source software used to help people find, share & publish data
OpenSpending, a service which monitors government spending

We also work on numerous other projects. For full information please see projects.

What is the open knowledge / open content / open data community?

Much of the foundation's work is organised around working groups. If you are interested in becoming a member of a particular working group, please introduce yourself to the group on the relevant mailing list and we will guide you through how to get involved.

We run regular online and in-person meet-ups for people interested in individual projects, these are announced on specific project mailing lists.

In addition, we support and provide infrastructure (such as mailing lists, wikis and blogs) for groups working on open data in a particular area. Please contact us if you are interested in setting one up.

Another key part of our community building is running events: for example we run OKCon, the annual open knowledge conference, to bring together parties interested in open knowledge and data from all over the world.

Are you a lobbying group?

No, we're not a lobbying group and generally don't do any direct 'policy'-style work. We do run workshops and events and generally enthuse about the value of open information but we prefer to convince people of the value of open data through building useful, user-friendly applications and services based on open data.

Where can I get an overview of your activities?

The OKF planet site aggregates blog activity from around the OKF network. It gives a good overview of the activity across the foundation including events, guest blog posts from the community and updates about our work in the open data movement.

For central OKF activities, see the OKF blog. You can also follow us on Twitter @okfn.

In addition, each individual working group either has or soon will have its own blog for project-specific updates.

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