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Who are PPS?

Pacific Pulmonary Services (PPS) is one of the largest providers of home oxygen, sleep therapy, and nebulized medications in the United States. We have around 900 employees dedicated to patient care and service.

Our operations include:
• More than 50 local service centers across 16 states
• A Patient Care Pharmacy in Bakersfield, CA
• A Sleep Therapy Care Center, called Peak Sleep, in Bakersfield, CA
• A Reimbursement Center in Bakersfield, CA
• The corporate headquarters in Novato, CA

Why Work for PPS?

Our People

A big reason that people join PPS is for the people. We work together as a team to take great care of each and every patient, our doctors' offices, and each other. Every day there are stories of ways that PPS associates have gone above and beyond to help patients in small and big ways — from going the extra step to solve a problem, to taking actions that save lives.

Supporting Your Community

The staff at PPS feel a sense of pride knowing that they are making a different in their patients’ lives every day. Particularly in the front line roles, where patient and caregiver interaction in constant, staff can make a real difference in the quality of life of patients by greeting them with a smile, providing life-impacting medical equipment, and providing the care and support they require. For many PPS staff, the patient interaction is the favorite part of their job, and knowing that they are making a difference in the world gives them a sense of pride. And that truly is what it is all about – the patient.

Great Employee Benefits

PPS provides a highly competitive Benefits package to help keep staff and their families happy and healthy. Benefits include competitive compensation, performance incentives, and a comprehensive health benefits package including health and dental insurance, and vision, as well as life insurance, 401(k) plan, and paid vacations.

Growth and Opportunities

As a large national company, opportunities are abound at PPS. Staff are able to apply for positions internally, and there is always more to learn. Even staff who have been here for years say they are still learning something new every day! Internal applicants are always considered favorably for other available roles and growth within PPS.

What is PPS looking for?

The ideal job candidate for a role with PPS:
• Has high attention to detail
• Thrives in a fast paced environment
• Enjoys working with a team
• Likes to learn new things
• Enjoys interacting with patients and care givers
• Wants to give back to the community
• Is keen to go the extra mile to help the patient
• Focuses on customer service
• Is flexible and adaptable

What We Do

PPS provides medical equipment and services for home oxygen therapy, sleep therapy, and nebulized medications. But that is just the beginning of what we offer and only a small part of what we really do. Our focus is always on customer service, and providing a great customer experience.

Serve the Patient

At PPS, we strive to provide great customer service to patients and their care givers each and every time. Our service involves visiting patients in their home or health facility and providing them with the prescribed oxygen equipment or sleep therapy equipment. To ensure that they can successfully and safely use their therapy, PPS staff provide thorough education and instruction to the patient or caregiver to ensure that they understand the equipment and the doctor’s orders. Everything is thoroughly document and the required paperwork is completed in order to bill the insurance company.

Many field staff say that visiting patients is the favorite part of their job. Bringing a smile to someone’s face, and helping them live a fulfilling and healthy life can provide a great sense of purpose, and these customer focused staff excel at PPS.

With the customer is mind, PPS always has a member of staff on call to assist patient’s in need, such as through trouble shooting equipment over the phone, or visiting the patient in an emergency.

Serve the Healthcare Provider

Healthcare providers, including physicians and their staff, hospital case managers and sleep labs, trust PPS to care for their patients, and are core to our business. Our staff foster these relationships by working to save healthcare providers time and effort, visiting patients in the home, simplifying paperwork, facilitating pulse oximetry testing, coordinating sleep studies, and solving problems.

Serve Each Other

Team work is a core value at PPS. We work together to serve the patients and health care providers by ensuring that we communicate with each other continually and fully. Whether it is ensuring that every account has appropriate notes of action taken, or a phone call to a teammate who needs to visit a patient, we ensure that we are serving each other with the same level of commitment and positive attitude that we show to our patients.

Field staff are supported by an array of staff who work behind the scenes. This includes Human Resources, Information Technology, Compliance, Finance, Training, and other administrative services. We are always working to find ways to support the PPS team and to serve our patients and healthcare providers better.

PPS Core Values

The six core values of PPS take us beyond just "getting results"—they help guide our daily decisions to ensure that we get the right results the right way. They guide the decisions we make, inform how we prioritize our activities, and inspire how we treat each other, our referral sources, and our patients.


• Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching
• Being ethical, trusting, and truthful
• Treating everyone with respect
• Being your authentic self with others


• Working together to achieve personal, team, and company goals
• Communicating concisely but fully
• Always asking "How can I help?"
• Taking pride in yourself, your team members, and the job that we do
• Contributing to the solution


• Striving to improve and to be our very best
• Working efficiently and effectively
• Having goals that are clear and measurable
• Putting relentless effort into expert hiring and training

Put Others First

• Putting patients first
• Winning as a team and helping other staff to be successful
• Listening well and responding with urgency to others
• Being flexible
• Taking the extra step without asking "What's in it for me?"


• Taking full responsibility for your own actions and team results
• Going above and beyond the minimum
• Doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you're going to do it
• Identifying problems and resolving them quickly


• Getting excited about the service we provide
• Having a sense of humor and being able to laugh at yourself
• Helping to create a friendly environment where taking risks is acceptable
• Celebrating wins!



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About Pacific Pulmonary Services

Pacific Pulmonary Services (PPS) is one of the largest providers of home oxygen, sleep therapy, and nebulized medications in the United States. We have around 900 employees dedicated to patient care and service.

Our operations include:
• More than 50 local service centers across 16 states
• A Patient Care Pharmacy in Bakersfield, CA
• A Sleep
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