Domain Driven C# ASP.NET Programmer
Palladium Consulting - Houston, TX

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We are building a new platform for exploring petabytes of scientific data using interactive computation and 3D visualization. All in a browser. Well, and a supercomputing cluster in the back end. And a sophisticated application/web server for managing the difficult modeling problems and user interface challenges inherent in making sense of this much data. We're writing our domain logic in .NET, and we need strong domain driven programmers to make it all work.

The web application is a reactive style JavaScript application, talking with C# .NET provisioned application services on the back end, coordinating HPC computation resources across several racks of servers. You'll sit in the middle of it, implementing the scientific models which expose those resources to our researchers. The workflows we are inventing are brand new, and modeling them is difficult.

We've built a team of specialists, dividing the work into clean contexts and using the best tools for each job. HPC experts make the computation fast. User Experience experts make the user interface sensible. And you'll make sure our modeling is correct. We've swallowed the domain driven design pill, using CQRS/Event Sourcing for our core visualization and processing domains to enable very low latency distributed interactions.

The work is in C#, but if you're a good domain programmer in F#, Java, Ruby, Scala, Python, Scheme, Haskell, or anything else, we're interested. We believe the best skills are transferrable.

A math, science, CS, or engineering degree is a benefit -- we're modeling a scientific problem.

It's a web application, so facility with ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Knockout, WebSockets, SignalR, MVVM, Web Services and the like will be useful. It does real math and interoperates with cross-platform C code, so facility with P/Invoke, SWIG, Protocol Buffers, Thrift, and the like would also help.