Senior .Net Developer
Pathfinder Software - Chicago, IL

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Why Software Engineers are important at Pathfinder?

Building great software that people love is the heart of what we do. So finding and keeping great engineering talent is at the core of what we do. Working at Pathfinder isn’t just a job, it’s a career. We want to be a part of your career and help you grow.

How we work:

We pair…

We develop exclusively in pairs. Its not only more rewarding, we think it improves focus, problem solving is faster, knowledge is more naturally transferred, and quality code is delivered.

We test...

Testing is baked into our development philosophy. With disciplined TDD, no line of code is written without a test. We use continuous integration to test.

We are agile...

Agile is fluid at Pathfinder in that it’s about what helps the team deliver the best results. We break down functional barriers. Developers work hand-in-hand with UX and QA. We work in story points and hold daily standups to stay in sync. After standups team members are inspired and free to go attack challenges. We do weekly retrospectives and then project retrospectives. Opinions, critical thinking, and openness to trying something new rule the day. Each team owns their Agile process; there is no corporate overlord doctrine.

Examples of work that Software Engineers have done at Pathfinder?

  • We recently worked with a startup whose solution illustrates the power of combining body area sensor networks with mobile apps, cloud computing and machine learning based predictive analytics.
  • We re-architected and developed a clinical decision support system that aggregates and analyzes clinical information against highly respected sources to identify gaps in care, medical errors and quality issues. The product is so successful that it scaled to 20 million lives covered and counting.
  • Because they thought it would be fun and of interest to foreword thinking minds, some of our engineers created the first ‘Leap Motion’ group in Chicago to demonstrate the potential of gesture interfaces and it’s on pace to be the largest Leap Motion Meet-up Group in the world.

Examples of profiles that are relevant to us:

  • Strong .NET experience
  • Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application
  • Experience with large scale data architecture and analysis
  • Prior experience restructuring and consolidating large scale data stores
  • Comfortable in an Agile environment (Scrum, Kanban, Lean)
  • Rigor in A/B testing, Test Driven Development, and other web best practices

Profiles that get eyebrows raised also include:

  • Experience developing in FDA and/or HIPAA regulated software projects
  • Experience with 3rd party frameworks / Javascript is highly desirable (jQuery, D3, Backbone, Kendo, etc.)

Benefits as describe by our software engineers:

1- Exposure to new tech in a big way...

“Cross training in a wide array of technologies (read: you come out of here knowing more than when you joined)”

“My immediate superiors on the engineering team have shown a commitment to my personal growth as a well-rounded developer, often at the expense of their own time. Given how quickly our industry changes, this opportunity to build a solid foundational skillset as a young professional is far more valuable than any additional compensation offered by other organizations.”

2- A flexible and get things done environment...

“Self organizing teams. It is great to a part of company that promotes teams that make rules for themselves. This means goals are clear and decisions are made by those closest to the problem, as opposed to someone up the ladder.”

“People can do what they need to do as long as they are driving results, and those results are generally attainable”

3- Celebrating our success and creating our work environment...

  • Custom coffee
  • Loft life
  • A pastiche of seating possibilities
  • Craft beer
  • Nerf guns
  • Our thoughts seen on high-profile websites
  • Trips to SXSW
  • Happy Hours
  • Group outings
  • Continued learning

Include in your submission any profiles you have on:

- Github

- Stack Exchange

- Codeschool

- Treehouse

- Codeacademy

- Coderwall

- Coderbits