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Pelican Wire

About Pelican Wire

Pelican Wire Co. was founded in 1969 at Wonderlake, Ill by Larry and Theresa Bill. The vision was to build a wire insulating and sales business and move it to Naples, Florida, The Company was formed into a Delaware Corporation in 1970. There followed a year or two of Garage operations before plans were completed for a metal pole building in Hebron, – more... Ill. In 1975 Larry and Theresa Bill moved the business to a newly completed 2400 square foot steel building in Naples, Florida. This was the start of a gradually expanding business that led to a build out of 10,000 sq. ft by 1995. The business continued to expand into 15000 sq. feet of manufacturing area with Offices in a separate building.

We have grown by leaps and bounds since then- in 2004, we moved to White Lake Corporate Park - a 33,000 Sq ft building next to a beautiful lake in the industrial park. ere we have room to expand and grow into the future. Pelican Wire continues to grow it's resistance and heater wire business.

Pelican Wire Co., Inc. is a custom insulator of wire. We specialize in 50 to 2 gauge diameter wire alloys. These alloys have the properties which allow them to be used as electric (resistance) heaters, heater hook-up and extension wire, or temperature sensors (thermocouple). Our insulation materials include thermoplastics, glass, enamels, mica, TFE TEFLON® fluoropolymer and KAPTON®. The bare wire which we insulate can be a single or stranded conductor. After insulating each wire bundle, we can bunch the insulated wire into cables up to 1/2 in. diameter; then wrap this with an outer jacket, which can be extruded or braided.

Our bare-wire insulation methods include:

extruding thermoplastic materials
spiral tape with TEFLON® fluoropolymer or mica
cure highly resistive enamel coatings
spin wrap or serve glass yarn
and braid metal or glass-yarn overjackets

Often we apply different 'wraps' of these insulators on wire in order to give special properties, such as elevated (450°C/842°F) temperature use; chemical resistance; moisture resistance; tensile strength; abrasion resistance; or slickness.

Our customers include end users, OEM's and distributors. On occasion, we design wire and insulation combinations for specific applications where the inquiry is vague and only the end-use is revealed by the customer. Many of our specialty wire/ insulation combinations have resulted in innovative standard products for both our customers and our self. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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