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Demoralizing and confusing
Clerical Assistant, Soldotna, AK - January 31, 2015
As a Clerical Assistant:
-Inconsistent expectations. We had to create our own list of tasks, requirements, how-to-do's, etc based on personal experience as problems occurred.
-Portions of what was learned were self taught through trial and error experience, others through more experienced front desk workers, and some from communication directly with Providers to know/understand what needed to be done - could not rely on supervisor for efficient training. Became adept at analyzing situations with clients/patients so that their needs and our safety were taken care of.
-When addressing problems, there is a risk of write-ups and/or termination.
-Suggestions: Print off emails - which do not contain confidential information (HIPAA violations are an automatic termination and rightly so) - that your supervisor sends you. Also print off your responses. This might create a little bit of a safety-net if they don't like you, or because you try to push for better functioning within the company. Readily accessible documentation will aid you greatly.
-Supervisor was difficult to contact and rarely in our office unless there was a problem against us. Problems that could possibly have been avoided if a fully-trained supervisor was there and seeing what was happening/assisting in addressing issues/ready to provide support and encouragement.
-Original co-workers were inadequate and constantly on their cell phones, leaving work undone and a mess that took months to clean up once they were gone. Current front desk workers strive to understand what needs to take place to provide excellent services to the community.
-As front desk workers, problems that occurred were dropped on us and blamed on us - though we had no true authority in the company - and we did not have support from our supervisor.
-As we made headway in creating a more consistent and positive front desk area, we were more easily able to go about our tasks without needing to worry about our supervisor and whether or not she was needed in a situation - based on experience at this point, we knew we were on top of things and capable of dealing with our difficult jobs. We were able to somewhat relax and begin to build rapport with clientele as well as providers.


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