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Working at PetSmart

  • keeva 6 days ago
    Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at PetSmart? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers? What is a typical day in the life of an employee at PetSmart?
  • Presentation manager – 7 replies
    goodguy in Woodbridge, Ontario 1 month ago
    I'll be starting as presentation manager in a few days. I have the impression that I'll be salaried... after I read thru a couple of messages here I'm wondering if this is an hourly position. Can anybody give me an acurate list of job duties that this entails?
  • Don't work for PetSmart – 128 replies
    Lallagv in Here, Oklahoma 1 month ago
    I came from other wonderful pet stores to work at PetSmart and was very disappointed. The corporate employees who came to visit our local store frequently insulted me because I had previously worked for another pet store (a store much better than PetSmart). The corporate employees are extremely egotistical and they think they know everything. The local stores manager sat on her rear end all day and even had a mini-fridge located under her desk. I guess she was too lazy to walk 10 feet to the break room fridge like everyone else. All PetSmarts I have walked into have had dog pee on the floor. Customers bring their dogs in and let them poop & pee on the floor and they don't bother to clean it up. PetSmart finds this acceptable & makes the employees clean it up. I will never purchase anything located on a bottom shelf at a PetSmart because I know there's a good chance it's been peed on. While working at PetSmart, I never received the benefits or tuition reimbursment that I was told was offered to employees. It took a few months to get my W2 form at the end of the year. The manager was incompetent and failed to change my address even though I had given her my new address multiple times. I received no training, yet was yelled at if I did things using common sense. PetSmarts policy is kiss the customers ass at all times. If you see someone steal something and take it to the front counter to return it, you have to let them return it. Does that make sense to anyone? It never made sense to me. They also now sell corn snakes & kingsnakes, yet they refuse to sell the food for them. They sell frozen 'snake sausage' for them. Kingsnakes are very picky eaters as hatchlings and I garuntee they will not eat a 'snake sausage'. Some of the snakes sold at PetSmart are starving and will not live. They will suffer & die. The birds at PetSmart are purchased from bird mills. It's a very unorganized & corupt company w/a lack of any sense of being sanitary.
  • Orchid in Aiken, South Carolina 1 month ago
    I don't mean for this question to sound silly, but I thought I should ask before applying: Is it possible for females to be hired for the stocking positions at PetSmart? I am in my mid-twenties and have previous experience with stocking new merchandise, re-shelving returned merchandise, and putting up/changing displays. I have regularly lifted items that weighed up to about sixty pounds, but have never used a pallet jack or fork lift. Should I apply?
  • pSgroomerLuv in Cincinnati, Ohio 2 months ago
    I have been bathing dogs and cumulatively, I have more experience bathing/brushing dogs and cats more than the bathers I work with at PetSmart. I got in huge trouble the other day for hand-drying a miniature poodle. If you don't know what this is, (you probably work at PetSmart) it's using the heated dryer in conjunction with brushing the dog. At PS, the bathers and the groomers will power dry their dogs, and then the remainder of the "drying time", they will sit in the kennel. A brush isn't even touching the dog until it's fully dried. Now, I can spend 10-15 minutes properly drying a dog with a dryer and a brush, but they won't allow me to do so. So a simple dog like a Yorkie can take much longer than it needs to be. I should also mention that I have seen the groomers shave down "matted" dogs that I could have easily brushed out WITHOUT causing brush burn. When I first started, I had 30 hours a week. Now my salon manager knows that I actually knew more about grooming than I let on, I get cut down to ONE day a week, and that's only 5 freakin' hours! Hmm, I wonder what's going on?
  • I-Pay Login – 0 replies
    ahro112 in Scranton, Pennsylvania 2 months ago
    I tried contacting the Petsmart I worked at for the i-pay login registration code, and they said they would call me back with it. Never did. Does anyone know the code for the i-pay website when you are first signing up?
  • Spanielmom in Caledonia, Michigan 3 months ago
    I have recently gone through 2 interviews at Petsmart and also gone for the drug test. I am waiting to hear from them but a job opportunity with another company has come up. I am wondering if it would be ok for me to be hired by another company now that I have gone for the drug test with Petsmart. I know I will pass the drug test, but am I committed to work for Petsmart or can I back out now and be hired by someone else?
  • kygroomer 4 months ago
    I worked 53 hours during the week of thanksgiving and made a good bit of money. When I got my pay stub my pay seemed to be off by over a hundred dollars from what my commission plus the overtime should have been. After going to my store manager, dm and dsm all that I got was a copy of some calculation of how stylists that commission out with overtime are paid. you take your commission divided by the hours you worked and that's your average hourly pay rate. Then you times that by 1.5 and you get your average overtime rate. then you take your average hourly rate and times that by 40. then take your average overtime rate and times that by the number of hours you have in overtime. then add the totals together. ex: 800/50= 16 16*1.5= 24 16*40= 640 24*10= 240 640 +240 ----- 880 versus you getting paid the 800 plus getting 10 hours of your normal pay rate time 1.5. so if you are paid 8.00 your overtime rate would be 12.00 ex2: 12*10=120 800 +120 ------ 920 Has anyone else seen this? Is this normal? how long have this been the policy? I'm very interested in your replies. I've never personally worked during the holidays and I just want to know if this is something legal. thanks.
  • grooming contract – 6 replies
    Please advise in tampa, Florida 4 months ago
    hello everyone!! i have a quick question. I have a few months left on my contract. I really want to leave because i am very unhappy. I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to buy out of the contract or if there are any other options. Its not possible to transfer because we are short staffed. I have spoken with the salon manager and store manager and they can give me no information as to what to do. Should i call the HR rep?. Plus is what we signed even a job contract because at the top it said education promissory note. hmmmmm..any help would be helpful.
  • Betty D in NYC, New York 4 months ago
    I've just been interviewed for a position as a pet trainer, and I'm sure I have the job. I am very interested in doing the job well, and I would like to know what the job and job training are like, what are common complaints about Petsmart's pet training programs, what are the usual hours and anything else you believe would prove helpful. I asked some of these things at the interview, but didn't through answers. Maybe there are none, but I'd appreciate it if you gave it a try ^_^
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Cashier (Former Employee), Sterling, VAJune 30, 2013