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Not a tech support company at all.
IT Technician, 309 Bradley Ave #2, Staten Island, NY 10314 - April 17, 2014
I'm an experienced computer technician, so when asked to interview for this company I was hired on the spot. Before arriving to work the first day the CEO called me to say I should reroute to meet with another technician.

He didn't give me an exact address, just an intersection. He did not give a description of his vehicle or the technician himself. When I called the phone number he gave me it said, "This number is not in service." I kept in constant contact with the CEO, saying that I was having difficulty finding this guy and his phone was not working. He sent no response at all.

Being an ethical person, I said I was going to return home and see him at the office bright and early the next day, I even said that I would not expect any wages from him that day because it was such an unproductive debacle. No response.

I went into the office the next day to fill out my new hire paperwork. I had already sent in scans of my SS card, DL, and IT technician license. The multiple secretaries he has (who knows why) were surprised to see me, even flustered. I showed up at 7;30am, despite "opening" at 8:00am the CEO did not arrive until 1:30pm.

When I finally spoke to him he said, "I'm sorry, we had to go with someone else." I said I was the hire and did everything as instructed, including going on a wild goose chase to meet a technician that does not even exist. He had nothing but excuses.

There was a poor schmuck fresh out of highschool waiting for an interview in the lobby. I told him what happened.

This is NOT a tech company. They have a telemarketing office with about thirty terminals, most of them with completely obsolete technology, all of them empty. Zero phones were being dialed in that call center. Despite how they agreed to pay the salary and benefits I asked for and "hiring" me they had no work at all.

I'm not sure what his financial goal is, maybe he's the world's worst headhunting agency or data mining operator.

This company is a front, do not waste your time.