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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Fun, productive work kept me happy.
Tower Hand, Charlotte, NC - January 23, 2014
a typical day at work: We would start at shop make our way to site and spend about a week (mon-fri) of working to complete each site upgrade.

What you learned: I learned many things some work related some life related, I learned more about the aspects of cell site upgrades and more about construction and many other things.

Management: The management was good it was basically the guy with most experience who had control on the site.

Your co-workers: They were indeed very good friends of mine and were very helpful with anything and everything even when it came to taking care of one another outside of work. With work anything i didnt understand i could always count on getting the right information to do the job the right way.

The hardest part of the job: This would have to be in my opinion not being able to go to work and go home for the night, Ive come to learn its hard to handle i feel that in a person you need to have a balance of work and life and in an industry like this work outweighs life and it takes a toll on a person after so long being in and out of hotels each week its like you dont have a life outside of work.

The most enjoyable part of the job: This would have to be the climb, to the top of the world it felt like to me, I would feel like the king everytime i looked off the top of a tower and seen the world in its purest form in my opinion, and it gave me peace and helped me breath. Its a major stress reliever thats for sure. Every chance i could get i would stop and just enjoy the site.
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