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  • Eastbound&Down in Spokane, Washington 6 months ago
    What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable? How does Pitney Bowes stack up against the competition?
  • dcruzperez in Irving, Texas 8 months ago
    I starting working for Pitney Bowes a month ago. The only African American in my department. I was told that my work was inadequate but was never given proof, worked in a harassing environment and was taunted with racial inappropriate verbage. When I was given a written warning. I requested that HR or the manager in charge allow me to hear the calls that customers where saying I was not giving good service again, to no avail. I brought up the racial comments the manager lied and stated he was not part of the conversation, which he was part of. a week after I stated in written form that the department need diversity classes and that there was no proof of inappropriate calls only heresay and who do I go to since I was the only African American within the department. I was let go without any reason. I asked why and I was informed that since I did not have my 90 days they can let me go without reason. This company has the audacity to promote diversity within thier organization and they have pure "D" grade racist within thier organization. "Beware" of working for this company. And to add insult to injury I have requested a letter of termination and a copy of the write up where I wrote about the lies and the racially charged words and I still have not heard from Sherry Kinnon. Again. "BEWARE"
  • Mcs Man in Clementon, New Jersey 21 months ago
    I'm an employee at the Pitney Bowes in Philadelphia, which is the mailroom of the law firm Morgan Lewis and Bockius. Originally, I feared posting this negative review.. I mean, This part time job does help me pay the bills. However, i would rather quit and go into DEBT than spend one more hour in this extremely toxic, tiring, depressing environment. Let me explain: Working for Pitney is the equivalent of going back to third grade. Your opinions don't matter, your teammates back stab you and take easily rectified mistakes you made to management, instead of speaking to you personally about them like ADULTS do, and you have dozens of people to answer to. What benefits does someone who isn't above you in rank, who makes the same amount of money you do, who is supposedly your team mate gain by throwing you under the proverbial bus? You must always be on your toes at pitney and trust NO ONE. And let me continue with management.. Why do they put so much emphasis on a friggin 10 an hour position? Why do they humorously attempt to reprimand you with a stern look on their face like youre a child? Why can't I TALK with the law firm employees for more than a minute? Doing your job perfectly is not enough. If you do not BOW DOWN to and FEAR the manager, you will NOT LAST. If you find many errors in the mail room process and have the urge to improve things, you will NOT LAST. If you're an adult and hate being micromanaged and condescended to, like all adults should, YOU WILL NOT LAST. People at Pitney tend to be lifers. Youre surrounded by people who have absolutely no desire to better themselves who will effortlessly suck any enthusiasm and optimism you may have right out of you. If you like your days filled with stress, physical exhaustion, pettyness, extremely low pay, micromanaging, jekyll and hydes, snitches, yelling, indignation and gnawing at your soul, then by all means apply with PB.
  • K D in Wrangell, Alaska 23 months ago
    What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Pitney Bowes? What do you like best about working at Pitney Bowes? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?
  • touchedbyanAngel in Duluth, Georgia 23 months ago
    It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Pitney Bowes? Any advice on striking the right note?
  • tyler in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 24 months ago
    this is the worst job i have ever had horrible pay no holidays bad employees its all too much. no chance for promotions unless you are on drugs. they hire junkies as temporary employees that steal from the permanant workers and they are all illegal immigrants. most of them are from trenton and if u live in the area you know how much of a crap hole that city is. $9.50hr starting and 10 cent raises every year. and they will try to break your back at that rate if you get hurt you are under survallnce all 8 hours of the day until they find a reason to fire you within a few weeks. everyone is under a lot of pressure to work as hard as you can until you snap then they ask what the problem is and do nothing about it. the people that have been there for some time all say the same thing. management is nothing but coffee drinking cig smoking douche bags that couldnt run a faucet if it was already turned on for them let alone a place filled with over 300 employees.
  • i'maprofessional in Appleton, Wisconsin 30 months ago
    Like the home telephone, it soon will be a thing of the past. I've worked there as a temp, the training is intense. I've been through many types of training in my life, there's was one of the more stressful experiences. They no longer hire on employees because they know they are going out like the dinosaur. All day long I took calls from people wanting out of their leases. The way some sales people sneakily get them into the lease in the first place is nearly criminal and definitely in the category of deception. It seems deception is the only weapon they have to stay alive. Lock the customer in a lease while the need for postage continues to decline. I believe their tactics are unprofessional and they are like the titanic orchestra, they keep playing the music while the ship sinks. A good business should be honest and straight with their customers even if they are on their way out.
  • Grown Man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 43 months ago
    Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Pitney Bowes? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers? What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Pitney Bowes?
  • Grown Man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 44 months ago
    Over the past decade PBI has become a heartless, low paying monster. No one cares about you, only what you bring to them. It's a "what have you done for me today" environment. All over the country people are bailing out even senior reps like myself close to retirement. It's a shame but a fact that they will allow this to happen due to the fact that they want to loose more sales reps. They are downsizing the field and taking it to the telemarketers and direct mail. I was told by a top level executive at PBI HQ that by the year 2010 the field sales force will be reduced by at least 35% if not more. They are making way for "specialists" to take over, placing field sales managers in offices, even cutting director's positions. It is no longer a happy place to work as it was so many years ago. If you like extremely low pay, no raises, low commissions, big brother OZ watching over your every move and spending at least 14 to 16 hours a day just to scrape 6 figures as a senior rep then go for it. There are some that make more, these are the ones that are ready to retire and PB can't wait to let them go. I have family who worked for PB as well in sales and they encouraged me to get out while I could. I did and landed a much better job, 5 times the pay and freedom. As I said, run while you can. Sarah say what you like but I know as well as you that you are there to discredit any information posted here. If you are making over $250k now reply, otherwise STFU! Try Neopost if you are thinking about mailing and shipping equipment sales. They are slamming PBI with their 50% less equipment made in France. The equipment is about the same quality and they pay more. In any case good luck to whomever reads this. I am not one to post BS only the facts. I have many more to share.
  • jane does opinion in Seattle, Washington 59 months ago
    Is there anyone out there that worked in pitney bowes purchase power credit and collections. these people have issued credit cards to people with our company name and address and they bully us for payment, can anyone out theere tell me if there is a government body that regulates this industry and whether or not this company is a scam
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Customer Operation Manager - Sprint Account (Former Employee), Reston, VASeptember 5, 2012