DevOps Engineer
Poll Everywhere - San Francisco, CA

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Hi. We're Poll Everywhere, the worlds largest real-time polling platform. Curious what we do? Visit our website

Does the idea of building and managing infrastructure for a real-time, high-availability, low-latency, variable-workload system excite you? Do you like job descriptions that start off with a bunch of buzzwords that try to grab your attention? Do you like working with people that make fun of themselves when they’re writing a job post?

We learned the hard way that having a third party manage your infrastructure sucks if you want to move fast. That’s where you come in. To start, you will take over our current fleet of metal servers managed by puppet and deployed via Capistrano. Next, you build out a new highly-available, elastic environment to help us cut costs on our variable workloads. We’d love to know what its like to have a staging environment that actually looks like production, so push-button provisioning is our dream.

Once built, you will instrument the cluster so that we can tell exactly what’s going on and dial in the right alerts. It doesn’t end there. We have a bunch crazy features that we want to develop, so we need you riding shotgun with us to make sure our infrastructure is up to the task.

You will be working alongside a team of kick ass engineers who think infrastructure is just as important as the code. We buy into "The Twelve Factor App" to make your life easier. The team will look to you for recommendations on instrumenting our app to understand how it is performing with all of the other pieces in the stack.

Are we the right match? Maybe so if you have at least two to three-ish years of experience with:

Chef, Puppet, shell scripting, or other configuration management tools in a UNIX environment. We want you to automate your way to victory.
Building and operating high-availability clusters for MySQL, nginx, Redis, beanstalkd, etc. with tools like keepalived, pacemaker, and corosync. You should believe that regularly breaking them is the only way to test them.
Implement patch cylces, maintainance windows, and all of that other human process stuff that involves communicating with the team.
Experience with IPTables, ipfw, or other firewall related experience, hardware or software.
Read from sources like Bruce Schneier or SecurityFocus
Understand and use tools like Nessus, nmap, tcpdump, etc.
Know how to look for security problems or use IDS tools
Love to plan for the worst by backing up data and actually checking that the backups and the recovery work
Know IP subnetting like the back of your hand (virtual LANs, VPNs, Keepalived, etc.)
Application sandboxing and setting configuration and deployment conventions.
Experience setting up and maintaining monitoring tools such as Nagios, Monit and M/Monit, or other commercial monitoring tools (Tivoli suite, etc.)
You don’t always parse logs, but when you do, you use sed, awk, and perl. And when feeling saucy, Splunk.
Ubuntu/Linux Systems Administration.
Tell us more about
Side projects. OSS scripts or tools.
Involvement in the community through meetups, projects, essays, etc.
Fun, interesting, or crazy programming or scripting languages you've played around with.
Art, music, games, literature, or anything that fascinates you. We love passionate people.
We don't care about
Every technology you've used since you touched a keyboard (like your former life’s experience with DOA web services, IPX/SPX, Sonet/ATM networking experience, token ring, Banyan Vines, or LANtastic manager experience).
Verbose resumes (shorter is better).
We don't really care about your education. Anybody can get a college degree. What we care about is your ability to communicate, get stuff done, and work with a team. If you feel your education helps communicate those traits, tell us about it.

We have a physical presence in San Francisco and a satellite office in Chicago, but will consider remote collaboration. Don't be afraid to get on an airplane once in awhile.

You must be legally authorized to work in the United States or be eligible for a TN visa.

Competitive salary
Stock options negotiable
Health and 401K benefits available

Application Process
Keep applications brief; we want small resumes with relevant experience. Be prepared to defend any laundry lists of skills. Short but super-personalized cover letters are welcome.

Good luck!

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We're Poll Everywhere, the worlds largest real-time polling platform. We will toot our own horns because we invented the technology...