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PopRock 1on1 is the foundation of a student's musical development. We offer one on one lesson opportunities to students of all ages and experience.

Popular and Rock Music Repertoire: PopRock Academy 1on1 lessons trains students in the performance of popular and rock music in a guided and structured manner. Classical and Jazz Foundations with a Pop/Rock
 – more... Emphasis: PopRock Academy believes in a solid tried and true musical and performing arts foundation. All our teachers have respected credibilities in their disciplines of teaching. They will help students develop fundamental techniques while helping them apply their new skills towards Pop/Rock music performance. Weekly Lessons: Students will study with a primary teacher on a one on one basis each week. Annual Juries: Vocal and instrumental students will perform an annual jury for other faculty members to receive diverse opinions on their progress. Voice, Instruments and Composition: We offer the fundamental Pop and Rock instruments including Piano and Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Pop Voice and Songwriting studies. We also offer the spectrum of instruments in the strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion families in Classical and Jazz studies as well.

Students are generally required to have weekly hour long lessons to provide enough time to cover techniques and repertoire. A typical lesson would consist of 20 minutes of techniques such as scales and arpeggios as well as other technical exercise. Then 20 minutes spent on reviewing previous assignments and 20 minutes spent on new material. We do make exceptions for the following:

Beginning students ages 12 or under may request for weekly 30 minutes lessons for the first 3 months of lessons. An extension may only be granted to very young students at the teacher's discretion. Beginning students ages 14 or under may request for weekly 45 minutes lessons for the first 9 months of lessons. An extension may only be granted to very young students at the teacher's discretion
Adult students 18 or over may request for bi-weekly hourly lessons, though weekly lessons are recommended.

We have done extensive research into finding the most effective method of teaching students. These time requirements are to maximize the benefit of the student's progress. Between techniques and going over music, the hour flies by. It is near impossible to deliver a solid in-depth lesson in a lesser amount of time. We only allow younger beginning students when they start shorter lengths of time to help them gradually get adjusted to the length.

Please understand our studio policy. We do not allow for bi-weekly lessons for students under the age of 18 because our research indicates that young students require consistent weekly lessons in order for them to be able to keep up with the material and progress, while adults can better retain material on a bi-weekly basis - though weekly lessons are still recommended. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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