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Security Secretary / Shipping Clerk, Lawrenceburg, IN - November 9, 2013
I answer phones, take care of signing in the drivers that come to pick up loads making sure that they get the correct load and I have all of their information correct to enter onto their BOL. (bill of lading). I merge files and email 3rd party customers to work with them on picking up loads. I then file all bills and necessary paper work into the filing cabinet at the end of the day.
I have learned that there is a lot more to shipping that what people may think. There is a process and procedures that need to be e sure that the load gets to its destination safe and efficiently.
There isn't much room for advancement in my department so I have stayed at the same pay for the past 5 years and taking on more responsibilities. I love my job and try hard to offer up new ideas that might make things run easier but no one really wants to listen.
I like working with the group of people that I work with because we are all able to learn something new from each other every day.
The hardest part of my job is trying to do my job to the fullest and being successful at it. I am not always included on most of the emails for pick ups. If I have 2 drivers from 2 different carriers come in and try to pick up the same pick up number I never know which driver is supposed to get which load. Sometimes the 1st driver has already been loaded and has left before I know that there are 2 drivers for the same load. It's kind of like telling a mechanic to go take an engine out of a car but also telling him that he can only use a wrench and that is it. I can't do my job to the fullest if I am not given all of the proper tools to do it, which is difficult because I take pride in my work.
The most enjoyable part of my job is that it can be fast paced at times and slow other times which gives me time to get to know people and create a nice re pore with them so that they will come back.