Preschool Director
Primrose School of Clear Lake - Houston, TX

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*Must meet requirements as stipulated by state licensing departments.
*Ability to relate positively to young children is essential.
*Should have a degree in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, or degree in related field, and/or at least two years' work experience in a licensed child care facility, kindergarten or early childhood program.
*Experience in management, business, and/or public relations would be beneficial.
*Must meet Primrose Schools' overall standards.
*Must continue accumulating required hours of training as required by state licensing agency and/or the corporate office.
*Must be able to lift up to 35 lbs. in connection with the handling of children for the facilitation of programs, child safety, and potential emergency situations.


*Implements the necessary management responsibilities to ensure maximum enrollment and profit.
*Selects, hires, and evaluates all staff.
*Hires staff meeting qualifications as determined by owners and, where applicable, for state licensing.
*Has new staff complete appropriate payroll and new staff forms.
*Trains new staff prior to them starting work, ensuring that each fully understands Primrose Schools’ philosophy and all policies and procedures.
*Evaluates staff on the basis of overall job performance.
*Ensures that all staff understands and maintains the quality of all programs: childcare, education, and enrichment.
*Plan and implement necessary "in-service training" for all staff members.
*Training to cover not only implementation of programs, but all other aspects and/or requirements as well
*Conduct monthly total staff meetings to review monthly calendar of events for upcoming month and other topics of interest or concern.
*Work with teachers, as required, on improving their teaching skills, offering suggestions and ideas for improvement
*Keep an ongoing evaluation of teachers and their aide
*Oversee classrooms and bulletin boards that they are kept orderly, clean, and appropriate to the season/lessons.
*Review activities to ensure classes are conducted properly and professionally
*Oversee scheduling of activities, such as music, playground, computer, field trips, special programs, etc
*Weekly lesson plans to be turned in, reviewed and logged.
*Ensures that school is properly staffed and that all staff persons perform their duties in a responsible manner.
*Become familiar with and see that all Primrose Schools and state licensing requirements are maintained.
*Experiment with grouping to produce minimum staff hours and meet the staff expense objectives of the company.
*Set up and ensure implementation of strong parent communications.
*Monthly newsletters with monthly calendars of past and upcoming events along with individual comments from each instructor.
*Weekly letters to parents from all -- child care and enrichment personnel.
*Develop programs designed to involve the parents and community in school activities. Family "open houses," dinners, and class programs. Attend to all center functions, open houses, etc.
*Assist staff on any parental requests for a conference.
*Ensure that any discipline of children is in a manner that is firm, but loving.
*Discipline should be limited to positive reinforcement and "time out" methods --only.
*Evaluate the purchase of food, the preparation and service of all meals and snacks to ensure proper nutritional benefit to the children consistent with meeting budgetary objectives and state licensing standards.
*Supervise the formulation of menus to ensure nutritional meals and snacks within the food budget of each center.
*Develop interfacing with all state licensing and other regulatory agencies involved in child care center operations to ensure continued compliance and re-licensing of center.
*Be aware of current and past licensing reports. Check to make sure that items marked non-compliance have been corrected and that follow-up letters are sent to confirm correction or completion.
*Important to have all files up to date, have a clean, safe building, meet all fire regulations, etc.
*Attend workshops, whenever possible, hosted by licensing groups, and encourage staff to do the same.
*Properly maintain all financial functions of collecting fees, depositing all monies, recording all accounts, preparing time cards and forwarding data to owners in a timely fashion.
*To have general oversight of upkeep and appearance of facility building and grounds.
*Keep in good physical repair (regular maintenance and repair work done promptly when necessary).
*Keep school physically well kept, attractive, and safe. Be decorated tastefully and present an educationally oriented atmosphere.
*Bulletin boards changed at least monthly. Keep front bulletin board current and attractive. Displays of children's work.
*Be "hospital clean" and always free of clutter and mess.
*Have all playgrounds and equipment checked on a regular basis for repairs and/or maintenance.
*All materials and supplies stored in a well-organized manner.

Upon Employment:
*Must meet all health requirements of applicable local, state, and/or corporate office regulations.
*Must meet all requirements for driver's certification, including valid driver's license.
*Up-to-date first aid training.
*Complete all required employment and payroll forms.
*Have a complete fingerprint and criminal investigation report.

Reporting Relationship: Reports directly to the owner/manager.