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About Prolinx

Prolinx, Inc. located near Seattle in Bothell, WA, USA develops tools, applications, and systems that advance developments in Proteomics and Genomics by facilitating the manipulation of macromolecules.

Prolinx has developed three proprietary technology platforms useful in the isolation, detection, and manipulation of biological molecules. These include:
 – more... optimized paramagnetic particle purification technology (see RapXtract Kit); a synthetic affinity binding pair for molecular immobilization and conjugation (see Versalinx Chemical Affinity Tools and Prolinx Biosensor); and rationally-designed polyamide reagents for sequence-specific binding to double stranded DNA (see Sequence Seekers dsDNA Binding Tools).

RapXtract Dye Terminator Removal Kit is a rapid, easy, and reliable purification solution for DNA sequencing reaction purification, a common technique used in life science research and high throughput genomics. The RapXtract technology is based upon proprietary paramagnetic particles that enable easy manual or automated manipulation and require no specialized reagents or equipment. The RapXtract product line was released in February 2000.

Versalinx Chemical Affinity Tools are based on the specific interaction of two families of small, synthetic molecules the simplest of which are phenylboronic acid and salicylhydroxamic acid. These tools enable the formation of appropriate bioconjugates for immobilization, purification, and analysis. The Versalinx technology is the subject of twenty-four issued patents; a Versalinx Tools product line was released in May of 2000. In addition, Prolinx has numerous strategic collaborations with life science companies seeking to use these novel reagents as integral and enabling component chemistries.

Prolinx is also developing novel systems for the optical biosensor market that enable analyses of biomolecular interactions in real time. This product line will incorporate the company's unique surface chemistry in conjunction with surface plasmon resonance technology from Texas Instruments (Spreeta® chip). The advantages of the Versalinx chemistry combined with the beneficial economics of Texas Instruments' chip manufacturing, will allow this powerful technology to become ubiquitous in life science research and drug discovery laboratories.

Sequence Seekers dsDNA Binding Tools are rationally designed synthetic molecules that bind in a sequence-specific manner in the minor groove of double stranded DNA, obviating the need to perform hybridization to immobilize or detect specific sequences. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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