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About PushToTest

PushToTest is a solutions provider to enable enterprises and institutions to monitor in real-time information services and provide immediate root-cause analysis and remediation for performance bottlenecks and downtime at development time, QA time, and runtime. PushToTest offers free open-source test software, free performance kits, and global services – more... solutions that test, monitor and automate Web service systems for reliability, functionality, scalability and performance. The result is the right size datacenter, qualification of software patches and updates, and happy users.

What are the details behind the PushToTest company?

PushToTest was founded in 2001 by Frank Cohen. PushToTest is a privately held small business. PushToTest offices are in Campbell, California, Washington DC, San Jose, Costa Rica, and London UK. PushToTest is a small business with 135,000 users, 22 engineers, and 5 managers. PushToTest was founded by Frank Cohen.

As an open-source company what is the PushToTest business model?

PushToTest provides solutions that enable enterprises and instiutions to monitor in real-time information services and provide immediate analysis and remediation for performance bottlenecks and downtime. Our customers require solutions, that is different from requiring software code they can compile into a test tool. PushToTest provides solutions based on the amont of customer support needed, the size of the tests (concurrent virtual users, days of testing,) the number of service monitors, training classes needed, and customization to TestMaker. Contact for details.

What products does PushToTest offer?

PushToTest offers the TestMaker service governance and test automation platform. TestMaker is a platform for software developers, QA groups, and IT management to test, monitor, and govern information systems. At any given time new software needs to be installed, existing software modules and database software need to be patched, application software and databases need to be tuned and optimized, and the root-causes of crashes, downtime, and performance bottlenecks needs to be analyzed and remediatedquickly.

Software developers use PushToTest Version 5 to turn their unit tests into functional tests in a test automation platform that runs on their development machine. PushToTest Version 5 includes Wizards and Recorders to automatically build tests and supports a variety of languages, including Java, .NET, Jython, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, and many others. Plus PushToTest Version 5 supports SOA, Web Service, AJAX, and REST services using HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML-RPC, and the email protocols.

The PushToTest Version 5 runtime environment automatically turns these same functional tests into load tests, scalability and performance tests, regression tests, and service monitors for QA technicians, IT operations managers, and CIOs. PushToTest Version 5 runtime load tests and service monitors integrate into Service Registry/Repository products and database and application performance optimization and root-cause analysis tools.

What product support is offered?

PushToTest offers a variety of free and for-pay support options to assist you with TestMaker and TestNetwork. These are described on the Support Page. We pride ourselves on building exceptional relationships with customers and partners. PushToTest offers professional services to help solve difficult enterprise problems. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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