Production Supervisor - Fremont, CA
Quantum Global Technologies, LLC - Fremont, CA

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The Production Supervisor will be required to work in all the areas of production supervising all aspects of the production operation within the facility of their responsibility. This position in a hands-on position within the production area. Production Supervisor is required to spend 90% of his day on the production floor. High volume plants may utilize a Facility Manager and a Production Supervisor. Low volume plants may be limited to a Production Supervisor that may be assigned additional duties designated to Facilities Managers.


1. Production Supervisor is responsible to insure a safe, efficient and clean working environment thru out the facility .Safety must be the highest priority for QuantumClean. The sites must be fully compliant with OSHA requirements. Annual OSHA record keeping and accident reporting requirements must be fully adhered to. A culture of safety awareness must be part of technician daily job responsibility. Adherence with applicable OSHA standards, as they apply to QuantumClean activity is required. These include Hazcom, PPE, Respirator protection, etc. Training, and documentation of technicians in all OSHA and QuantumClean safety protocols is mandatory at all sites. All required Regulatory Permits and approvals will be obtained and plants must operate in full compliance with such permits. All DOT and RCRA Hazardous waste requirements will be adhered to all sites. The Production Supervisor is responsible for insuring implementation and training schedule coordination with operation training supervisor specified by QuantumClean.

2. Production Quantity and Quality.

  • Informal meeting each morning with Shipping / Receiving / Lead – review pending focusing on parts that are due in the next three days. Organize a production schedule / plan to process all the WIP for 3 day turn cycles
  • Addressing partial orders in receiving that need one or two parts, expedites, special customer instruction/requirement on orders, etc.
  • Walk the floor informing your key technicians in each area what parts take priority over others.
  • Identify areas that require additional techs, assign technicians to appropriate areas to assist in the parts flow process.
  • Production supervisor sets the daily schedule and production requirements.

3. Responsible for “Operations Plant Flow and Process Efficiency Performance.

  • Success in the QuantumClean philosophy of production and manufacturing requires operating plants in a “lean flow” manner. Production supervisor is responsible for Lean Flow in their plants. Efficiency, as measured in “parts per man-hour” and “inventory (WIP)” turns is essential to providing both fast part turn around and low costs of services. Training of technicians and documentation of technician training in cross functional areas at each plant is essential to simultaneously providing “lean-flow” and low cost operations.

4. Production Supervisor is required to insure all production areas are staffed properly. This will require hands on cleaning activities in the production area as required - lead by example.

5. Manage the NCE process. Production supervisor needs to insure NCE’s are being properly completed and distributed.

6. Supervise the production inventory process. Assign an individual to perform inventory counts on critical supplies. Review inventory reports and orders, to insure they are complete and accurate. Assist in setting up min. / max. inventory levels to insure proper supply inventory.

7.Assist the Facility Manager in Complete Management of the CAPA system – this requires generating CAPA’s when needed or delegating the initial CAPA generation process to the individual responsible for creating the issue. Once the CAPA is created, it’s the responsibility of the Production supervisor to assist in reviewing, editing and CAPA log updating in the system. In addition, the production supervisor is responsible to insure the CAPA is distributed to the correct contacts for CAPA review and resolution. It’s the production supervisors responsibility to assist the facility manager in address all CAPA’s that relate to their facility in an internal weekly meeting with the appropriate personnel or as frequently required to close the CAPA within a month of the CAPA’s generated date.

8. Work with the commercial group to address customer issues and get them resolved in a timely manner.

9. Have bi weekly meetings with site technicians and discuss production issues – equipment issues, safety related issues, production schedule conflicts, facility issues.

10. Work with the Facility Manager and HR to address all HR related issues. Production Supervisor will ensure that all QuantumClean HR policies and procedures are understood by employees, and that these policies are followed. Three month, and annual reviews must be current for all employees. The review process allows formal feedback to improve and correct employee performance and behavior, and provides reward for positive performance and behavior. The three month review process allows QuantumClean to proactively remove individuals who may not be suitable or capable of long term success at QuantumClean. The Production Supervisor shall adhere to discipline policies requiring incident documentation, verbal and written warnings, and dismissal. In addition to timely reviews, and adherence to discipline policies be followed in all QuantumClean sites. Additionally, the Production Supervisor will ensure that all employees are aware of QuantumClean HR policies as compiled in the Employee HR Manual by ensuring that each employee receives a copy of the Employee Manual.

11. Supervise the “Perfect Qualification Process” of all parts being qualified at or from your facility. This includes – SRF, assessment, recipe review, application results, reports, labeling, notification, delivery, quotation, employee training and documentation. Also responsible for weekly updates of the Sales force qualification log, managing the required third party services, daily status of all qualifications within your facility.

12.Check your third party list weekly and assign your admin person to contact them and get your third party parts back in house ASAP.

13. Responsible for establishing and enforcing a production schedule that embraces lean flow and allows effective and efficient production coverage/performance. Controlling overtime is essential in achieving consistent profitability. The Production supervisor must ensure that its responsible plant operate with overtime below specified targets (currently 8%).

14. Supervise and insure SM program is fully implemented and kept up to date - new equipment entered, maintenance requirements, maintenance log.

15. Review all training records for yearly training requirements of all the production technicians and coordinate training schedules with Operations training supervisor.

16. Supervise and coordinate with commercial group weekly facility inspections for cleanliness and safety.

17. Assist the Facility Manager with the quarterly technician matrix.

18. Assisting in all facility upgrades, repairs on equipment and facility utilities – NDA / insurance liability requirements for contractors, capital expense request, PO approval requirements, additional quotations from contractors when required, safety of all employees during the actual project performance.

19. Completion of the monthly manages tracking matrix and performing monthly assessments of the data with suggested corrective actions.

20. Monthly completion of the technicians performance matrix for the established quarterly bonus program

21. Monthly Audits of production travelers and proper PTS data entry of pricing, customer information, proper parts and recipe linkage.

22.Assist in the environmental compliance requirements and associated documentations – reports to city, pretreatment logs and associated records.

23. Responsible for insuring all techs are following all OSHA related documentation, record keeping and compliance requirements.

24. Involved in all associated hiring of administrative and production technician personnel.

25. Operations Quality and ISO-9000 Performance Objectives: Essential to QuantumClean’s success is continuous Quality Improvement. QuantumClean is an ISO-9000 company. Compliance with all QuantumClean ISO procedures at every level within the Production Supervisors organization is mandatory. This includes adherence to the CAPA and NCE programs, the Product Qualification and Quoting Process, Order Acceptance Procedures, Part Cleaning and Bagging Procedures, Internal Audit requirements, as well as all other ISO procedures and protocols. Note that through compliance with these procedures, order and billing miss-matches do not occur, customers are notified immediately of receiving and process issues, and quality incidents of every kind are investigated, and preventative actions are put into place to prevent their re-occurrence.

26. Operations Cost Controls and Budget Control Performance Objectives: To achieve profitability, setting budget spending limits, and ensuring that the plants operates within those spending limits (budget) is essential for achieving profit goals. The Production will control and track spending performance against those budgets. The Production Supervisor must ensure that all spending is appropriate, that spending follows QuantumClean purchasing procedures, and that all required approvals (sign-offs) are obtained.

27. Operations Adherence to Corporate Administrative Policies. The Production Supervisor will ensure that their site complies with the numerous requirements of QuantumClean Corporate Administrative Protocols. These policies include but are not limited to travel requests, credit card/receipt reporting requirements, expense accounts procedures, petty cash, proper and complete hiring documentation, first notice of injury, etc.


  • Ability to learn, understand and perform all aspects of each production area. Including the operation of all equipment and cleaning applications.
  • Ability to learn and comply with all aspects of OSHA requirements
  • Previous management experience within a production environment
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds
  • Ability to make sound judgments based on facts
  • Ability to communicate well with peers and upper management
  • Good written and presentations skills
  • Computer skills are critical
  • Basic understanding of ISO 9001, and associated Quality Management Systems
  • Ability to multitask successfully in a fast work pace environment
  • Excellent WIP and time management experience
  • Basic understanding and experience in Lean manufacturing
  • Some management experience with an understanding of goal setting, people management, coaching for performance.


  • High School diploma
  • Valid drivers license required
  • 5-7 years of experience in a manufacturing environment with 3-5 years of supervisory experience
  • Previous experience in semiconductor manufacturing, relevant trade school, and/or military experience is preferred but not mandatory.
  • ISO 9000 proficiency beneficial
  • OSHA related experience preferred