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Working at Randstad

  • Fight For Your Rights in Lake Forest 1 day ago
    Hi i am concern i love working for randstad but lately i feel like this company is all lies. They say they Don't have any jobs avaiable but when you look on there job site they do. I call every morning around 8am to find work they say i should call once a week and they will put me on availbity list.If something comes up they will give me a call. They only call me when no one the job like housekeeping. I had have some bad reports in the past but it was all over a car. AND I HAVE EXPLAIN THAT TO THEM BUT THEY KEEP ASKING ME THE SAME QUESTION,If they can make notes onn my file then why couldn't make a note about that. We all have car problems but they make it seem like they never had a car problem. See i on;y work there one day but they have working a full month.NO one really take the time to really look at the dates. I don't understand why tell me to call back when there is a job avaiable. Like i said i love working at randstad but why not give me a good job. I have alot of exprience, I work in the clercial postion, warehouse postion, and even office postion, but i can't seem to get a job from them anymore. I read that randstad helps people everyday to find work but i have been put on the avaiablity list for almost two months can some body explain to me what is going on.
  • lima echo 13 days ago
    I may possibly start a new job with Randstad next week. I am working through Randstad in Burlington, MA. I'm just wondering if there are anyone else who have dealt with Randstad in Burlington and what their experiences are. I also would like to hear what Randstad is like in general. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks
  • Neal52 1 month ago
    My 12 month assignment through Randstad ended late Sept and I cannot collect unemployment benefits I am entitled to because Randstad claims I quit my job. Needless to say, I would have given a limb to keep that job in this economy and I certainly didn't leave voluntarily. I heard Tthat I am not alone. Is this general business practice for Randstad? What could possibly be the point?
  • Haydnsmom 3 months ago
    I expressed my concern that immediate employment was crucial and it got nothing. I opened all geographic areas and also all types of placement. Nothing. No calls, no referrals. I believe that the jobs that are posted never exist and are simply a way to get customers so they look good but then nothing happens from that point on. This is what older agencies did and still do and why so few people choose to use their services. I am preparing to dump them immediately.
  • randstad – 16 replies
    Peyton 4 months ago
    I am new to this area, was given this name by an employment agency. Sooo what exactly is Randstad?
  • randstad point-claire / lasalle in MontrĂ©al, Quebec 10 months ago
    In 2011 Ranstand had posted well paying jobs in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and Manufacturing with an starting pay rate of $19.26 an hour, but after going there in person and meeting with their recruiters for the job posting of $19.26 an hour, they instead started to offer other job types of much lower pay rates of $13.00 an hour, and stated, once these jobs become "available" I would be considered for the opening. But currently these job postings are listed to obtain candidates for future positions. So not only did they waste my time and hopes of obtaining a sound position with good pay, but they also wasted my gas money to drive into Montreal 45 minutes (each way), I was very disappointed with them at the Ranstand Pointe-Claire Location, please be warned for any openings they promise, they will make all kinds of promises on the phone, but they do not delivery in person!
  • MzStone in Tacoma, Washington 12 months ago
    I signed up with Randstad Federal Way WA office August 2012 till March 2013 the job assignment was with Valassis,strapper/feeder,it is very physical work,I was re assigned to another assignment JCPennys Warehouse with in Randstand the only reason is because I knew that I was not going to hired at Valassis. Now this is currently the issue: I called Randstad at about 4pm Monday 4/15/2013 to ask if I was on the schedule for Tuesday 4/16/2013 I left a message (NORMAL) Got a call back from a staffing consultant told me that I was on the schedule today @ 10 am I thought to myself you could have called me at anytime to inform me of this, the staffing consultant that I was trying to talk to told me to stop talking and to let him speak and also that I need to listen, in mid sentence mind you, after I was told that I said "oh really" then he told me that my tone was unacceptable, I did mention that there was no schedule on Friday 4/12/2013 for all Randstad people for Monday 4/15/2013. On top of that I also let him know that one of the warehouse people (Actual JCPennys Warehouse employee told me that I would get a call from Randstad because they take care of there own people), well the staffing consultant told me that I should not believe every thing that I hear. FUMING FLAMES by this time, so by the end of the phone call I could not believe what I was being told and the way that his tone was and is each and every time that he calls me, he has put himself in a pedestal so high up that no one can reach him, I have also talked with the office manager about the way that the treats other employees and it is very unacceptable to all of us. Currently I have been REMOVED from the JCPennys Warehouse assignment for my bad tone. In all my time with Randstad Federal Way WA office I have NEVER EVER have MISSED a shift. Also I have tried to call Randstad Corporate in GA to file a complaint against this staffing consul
  • Sidney_Scanner in Hermitage, Tennessee 16 months ago
    I am currently on assignment w/ Randstad but this assignment is really not a good fit & I would like to request re-assingment to a position that is more in line w/ my profile & the preferences i stated during my interview. i see that other branches have postings for positions I know i'd be more suited to but I am unsure of the proper way to handle this. Can someone please advise on this? I don't want to burn a bridge or interrupt the good flow that I've had so far. Thank you!
  • KevinH in Winnipeg, Manitoba 17 months ago
    Got my paystub but no pay. Say they are working on it but no money came all day....
  • Age Requirement – 0 replies
    Kevin Twomey in Bellmore, New York 20 months ago
    I am not comfortable providing my birth date information because Ranstad states some jobs have an age requirement. It appears Ranstad is a participant in age hiring discrimination and it should be stopped by the toothless EEOC.
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