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Redfin is a company of real estate agents and software engineers on a mission to make buying or selling a home better for you. The Redfin difference is simple but revolutionary: we're on your side. Really on your side.

What really makes Redfin different is this: we are a company of believers, we make
decisions based on our beliefs, and what we believe is that we can make a $60 billion industry work much, much, much better for you.



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Horrible Place to Work - Don't Believe the Hype!
Associate Agent, Portland, OR - April 5, 2015
Redfin is a technology based real estate firm and I believe they are at the cutting edge of blending technology with the real estate business. For a consumer, they have some great home search apps and a creative webpage with current home listings. However, they are not a good company to work for and promote a cult-like atmosphere. Everyone who works for Redfin has “drank the Kool-Aid” and become a Redfinian and that included me. I worked for Redfin for 2 years as an Associate Agent, one of their contracted positions. I barely made enough to survive, but hung in there because I thought they would promote me to one of their full time W-2 Agent positions, which is what their "Market Managers" led me to believe. Regardless of what I was told about the position when I was hired, it was part time income at best. I never got promoted despite receiving consistent 10s on their Redfin customer satisfaction reviews and my tenured experienced as a successful real estate agent. Redfin is a clickish company managed by nerds with marginal people skills. They preach inclusion and transparency, but they do not practice the mantra with their own employees. The deal writing salaried agents do well income-wise and do get great benefits, but they pay dearly for them in the way of slave labor. They are required to be on-call 24/7, have a huge volume of clients to handle and might as well be working for minimum wage in comparison to the work hours logged. The consistent consumer complaint by Redfin clients is that their agents are too busy to provide adequate customer service. I met many buyers/sellers that used Redfins technology to search for homes, but hired a non-Redfin agent to negotiate their home purchase. The Redfin business model is based on sales volume, which allows Redfin to offer benefits, but their agents are not able to keep up with the work load and get burnt out. I witnessed allot of turnover in the time I was there and typically when staff quit, it was strangely kept quiet. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, run the other way and find another place to work for. If I sound sarcastic and angry, it’s because I am. They treated me like dirt, along with allot of others who got fed up and quit.


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