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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Not A Career But Potentially A Learning Experience
Inventory Auditor, Tucker, GA - July 3, 2014
A typical work day starts very early but ,luckily, ends fairly early as well. There is quite a bit of physical demand. Management is usually pretty pleasant but there isn't really a lot of room for upward mobility although your pay is based on how well you do. One of the hardest parts of the job is learning to maintain your keystrokes to improve your productivity but once you get it down its actually the easiest part. Also the physical part of the job is sometimes very taxing and it is sometimes very difficult to efficiently count the merchandise depending on the upkeep and set up of the stores. Store customers often ask for assistance despite the fact that usually our uniforms look nothing like that of the store employees. That's sometimes pretty frustrating because they aren't always very pleasant about it. A lot of my co-workers are actually nice people although they didn't seem that way at first. Basically everyone is there to do a job so they can go on with the rest of their day. Personally I wouldn't make a career of this but if nothing else this job can be a learning experience and makes for some extra spending money.


  • Driver/Auditor

    Richmond, VA
    Job Description: Drive auditors to various clients locations in the Atlanta region and surrounding counties. Be able to work a ten key calculator collecting...