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  • rgis payday – 0 replies
    isaac23 7 months ago
    When does rgis deposit checks in our accounts
  • some top gun 8 months ago
    RGIS is not a company to work for if you are trying to provide for a family. Most pay periods, you only receive, at the most, 20 hours of work & and $8 an hour, you do the Math! Some weeks, there are NO hours at all! Other weeks, 20 hours in one week and maybe 5 in the next week...Don't be shocked if you are asked to work until 2 in the morning and then, be back at work at 6 am at another location! And, once, my husband took off of work and they called us at 4 am wanting to know where he was! They are very inconsiderate. They DO NOT care about their employees at all and I think that locally, they are suffering. My hubby was supposed to work tonight, but they "overscheduled" and he received a call yesterday telling him not to come in to work. Needless to say, he is throwing in the towel and looking for a more professional work environment. You have to bust your butt to make $300 a paycheck! He will make more drawing unemployment compensation!
  • Rich 8 months ago
    I did not receive my RGIS work schedule by email this week as I usually do. If any employees could tell me the action I need to take to get my schedule, that would be very much appreciated. I just don't want to no-show a job because I don't know when/where it is.
  • Country in Helena, Montana 10 months ago
    I have an interview with RGIS coming up, however I do not own a car. I heard read RGIS employees are required to use their own vehicles to travel to stores, am I going to have a problem working for RGIS?
  • Sarah in Columbia, South Carolina 12 months ago
    What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable? How does RGIS Inventory Specialists stack up against the competition?
  • FED UP WITH APH??? – 3 replies
    Unknown in Atlanta, Georgia 17 months ago
    If you are a current or former employee of the "former" please inquire!
  • Raven 21 months ago
    My husband just got his final paycheck...He's found another job, Thank God!!!...He was only given about 8 hours of work for two weeks!!...Guess what his pay was for 2 weeks???..Yes, two weeks pay and after taxes: $88.00!!!....Now, I ask you this: Can you raise two teenagers on $44.00 a week???...If you can, you will be in the Guiness Book of World Records!!...And no compensation for gas either...Sometimes, they ask you to drive an hour to a location. They stink and that is putting it mildly...Best thing to do if approached by someone to work for these people is RUN!!!!
  • Misbah Huq in Mount Holly, New Jersey 24 months ago
    I'll start... The Good: Being able to find someone who will hire me for a winter break. During the summer I would not work for them because most of the time I would find a temp position related to the field I was studying in graduate school. In January this company is far from being short of work. The Bad: Working with people that cannot speak English. I have never felt more like an outcast than working with RGIS over the years. They tend not to hire college students anymore looking for more uneducated people who don't know about their labor law violations. The Ugly: Working 6+ hours at a time without going on break. I can handle waking up early to be at a store, but after about 4-5 hours of work you start to get hungry/thirsty and just start batching everything to get out of the store more quickly. If you say you are going to take a lunch break (after 6 hours they cannot refuse you), they either tell you that you'll only be there for a maximum of one hour, or they just sign you out and tell you to go home. I've called the Department of Labor a few times on them just for this reason. When jobs go over 6 hours though, now they FAKE a lunch break by giving you a gap in your sign in times, and then extending it to a half hour later.
  • Kevlynn 32 months ago
    Do you work at RGIS Inventory Specialists? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
  • Drug Test? – 4 replies
    vikktorya in Edinboro, Pennsylvania 36 months ago
    Does the Kansas City Branch drug test? Any of you who have worked at any other branch, when did they drug test? At your first interview? After training? Have you ever heard of them doing random drug testing or drug testing anytime after pre-employment screening? Honest, informative answers would be very helpful. Thanks!!!
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Auditor (Former Employee), Rockville, MDMay 13, 2013

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