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Working at Rite Aid

  • bruce 10 days ago
    What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Rite Aid? What do you like best about working at Rite Aid? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?
  • toaster520 in San Diego, California 4 months ago
    Do you work at Rite Aid? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
  • Somebody in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 10 months ago
    Number One- Pay stinks! technically I've received a 7 cent raise each year since I've been with the company, my friend has been with the company for 20yrs. and minimum wage is at 7.00 an hour here in Ohio, she's at right! Number Two- Poor management! Upper Management and Corp. don't have any respect for the little people who make the company run. No sick time, personal days, or vacation unless your management. Then you get one to three weeks vacation depending on how long you've been with the company, one personal day, and you have to work an average of 40 hrs. a week to be qualified. They're very picky about the whole thing, and don't give enough hours to set you up with a possibility of that happening. I have half a notion to start a walk out. Number Three- Unsolved Problems! I contacted our Districts Human Resources Manager about our store's General Manager having some serious issues. I mean throwing things (even hitting people with these things), knocking people off ladders, cussing at employees, belittling us, making us feel stupid, we're often forced into taking sides over other employees against our own personal feelings. We feel bullied, harassed, and that most days we come to work in a hostile environment! And so far, not a single thing has happened, noone has come in to question us, noone has really expressed any concern for our safety, or our happiness. It's been almost a week, and would think someone would be in as soon as they got the message-I e-mailed them. And I know they received it! I got an acknowlegement letter back...redirecting it to another manager. Though there is much more, I need to go to bed and get up for work tomorrow. So look for more horror stories from me and well, the rest of the rite aid work force! The bad news is everywhere as you can see. =(
  • Stevemagegod in Buffalo, New York 12 months ago
    Okay guys today i did the stupidest thing. I checked everything out put it in the bag scanned there rite aid card and gave them there stuff because i was running out of room. Then they took it and left the store without paying for it. I was dumbfounded as i didn't know what to do. I was expecting them to give me Cash or Credit and then leave. It was $32.69 worth of stuff and they just walked out the store without paying. My Manager is allowing me to keep my job and is only righting me up but i just feel so bad because that is $32 worth of stuff that my dumb a$$ lost. I told my Manager i would pay for it but he wouldn't let me. My manager told me that the right ups last only a extended amount of time. How long does each right up last?
  • RiteEmployee in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 12 months ago
    What does the wellness ambassador make per hour??
  • John in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 24 months ago
    Do you buy into the hype? Do you think Rite Aid is really going to meet their end of the bargain on this "Cultural Change"?
  • Rite Aid interview – 0 replies
    TAS in Athens, Georgia 39 months ago
    I conducted the Rite Aid phone interview and my phone cut off in the middle of it so I failed it. How long does it take until it resets and I can take it again?
  • JVR in Etters, Pennsylvania 41 months ago
    Kind of a mystery for me: Due to family reasons I recently moved outside of Harrisburg. I've worked in the DC/Baltimore area for a number of years, and while I've got a good job, it's a horrible commute now. Just casting a quick eye for close-by companies, I noticed Rite Aid HQ was literally right up the street. They post a number of Category management/Inventory analysis jobs available on their website. However, I've applied to almost a half-dozen jobs (through their on-line HR system) and haven't even gotten selected for an initial review. I've got a degree in Market Research from Georgetown and 10 years of experience with a Fortune 500 company in a major market. I've gotten same-day call backs from the three companies I applied to in Harrisburg, but not even a whiff from Rite Aid. I would never state my (or anyone's) candidacy is 'can't miss', but it's a very blue-collar rural market and my experience is advanced for the area. I'm fortunate to have strong interest from other area companies, but Rite Aid HQ is very conveniently located. Getting any job is always a crap-shoot, but I'm surprised to not even get a cursory look out of several jobs that are right in my field. Does anybody have any inside info on hiring over there/tips on what they usually look for?
  • jasonk in Falls Church, Virginia 42 months ago
    I have read all of the topics here and it seems like everybody hated rite aid. I am an 18 year old in between high school and college and only plan on working there over summer, so i am not worried about pay raises. Would it really be hell to work there for 3 months? Also i know the manager is a nice person, so i am not worried about being screwed over by him, but rather by corporate. So, ignoring issues with store management and pay raises, is there anything i need to worry about?
  • rite-aid – 6 replies
    nobody in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 43 months ago
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