About RMS

Transforming the insurance industry's understanding and quantification of risk.
RMS delivers the world's leading catastrophe risk models in a real-time risk management environment.

More than 400 insurers, reinsurers, trading companies, and other financial institutions trust RMS models, analytics, and metrics as reliable benchmarks for risk pricing, management, and transfer.

Enterprise Risk Management
Creator of the RMS(one)™ exposure and risk management environment, RMS brings insurers and reinsurers enterprise-wide access to real-time risk intelligence, and the unprecedented ability to manage all models, exposures, and analytics in the private and secure RMS Cloud.

RMS solutions support decision-making at each stage of the insurance process, from underwriting to portfolio management and risk transfer, for comprehensive, resilient risk management.

Clients Across All Insurance Segments
RMS provides clients across the global insurance and financial services industry with an unbiased and consistent measure of risk. RMS solutions are fully scalable, allowing companies enterprise-wide access to models and data to support risk management decisions.

Our clients include:

85% of the top 40 global reinsurance companies80% of the top 10 global reinsurance intermediaries90% of the top 10 U.S. P&C commercial insurance companies60% of the top 10 U.S. P&C primary insurance companies50% of the top 10 global insurance intermediaries72% of Lloyd's managing agentsInvestment banks, lenders, industry organizations, and governmentsWorldwide Risk Modeling
From earthquakes and hurricanes to terrorism and longevity, RMS catastrophe risk models enable critical risk management for our global economy. RMS is world’s largest catastrophe modeling company, and the only of its kind to deliver its global suite of catastrophe models within a rich ecosystem incorporating all sources of risk.

Our models incorporate the latest science, 25 years of dedicated catastrophe risk research and development, and regional expertise.

Understanding Catastrophe Risk
Catastrophe risks are inherently challenging to model, due to the limited knowledge about what determines the probability of extreme events, and the need to understand all potential pathways to loss.

RMS models integrate and synthesize the relevant science, data, engineering knowledge, and even behavior of claimants and insurers in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Resulting metrics and analytics are harnessed by insurers and reinsurers, property owners, and policymakers to make informed risk management and mitigation decisions.

Uncertainty lies at the heart of risk modeling, and demands an appreciation at all stages, including the quality of the exposure data fed into the models and the interpretation of model results. The more catastrophe model users understand a model’s underlying assumptions and uncertainties, the better equipped they are to make informed risk management decisions.

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Universal Standards
RMS exposure and results databases, metrics, and analytics are a common currency for information exchange, facilitating interactions among insurers, reinsurers, brokers, rating agencies, and regulators.

RMS model results are accepted by rating agencies and regulatory bodies, allowing market participants to communicate risk in a language that others will understand.

Our ownership structure ensures the independence required to work impartially for all parties involved in pricing, managing, and transferring catastrophe risk.



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Director Of Technology, Newark, CA - May 18, 2015
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Architected and managed Customer Portal's data integration touch points with systems such as OKTA (SSO), Salesforce (Case Mgmt), Blackboard Learn (Training), GSA and SOLR (Content Search and Web Crawling), Oracle BRM (Billing)