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  • Annie Mous 3 days ago
    Robert Half Finance & Accounting has a horrible reputation. Many former employees have started their own firms, and are taking market share left and right from this highly disorganized company. They "churn & burn", run through employees like toilet paper, and steal the business you create. Run away, as fast as you can, you've been warned!
  • accounting guy 24 days ago
    LeagleBeagle in Houston, Texas I am a former Robert Half manager too. They can't keep people in the seats past lunch. They are clueless in the legal staffing industry and think their accounttemps/officeteam model of 125 calls and 12 visits solves everything. It's all about gross margin profit and NEVER about the candidate. They practice age discrimination with a secret coding system called AIP -- Attitude, Intellect and Placeability. High is 1 low is 5. Passed out a sheet in a training seminar saying to grade someone as a "4" who was a "matured worker." A clue--job orders are 3 numbers and a dash like 111- if the next number is a "9" it is a fake job order.
  • 29 days ago
    I use to work for Management Resources and they would have us write generic job postings. The actual job usually did not exist but they would write ads for controllers, cost accountants, sarbanes oxley specialist, ect. The purpose of these positings were to build their candidate base. Once they have your resume, they can peddle you. It's never about you with Robert Half, it's about them and how they can create a sale, even if its the wrong situation for both parties.
  • David Flurkey 1 month ago
    Waste of time& space.. have no idea what purpose a fake placement agency serves!? What, except to show Artists& Creatives that the job-market doesn't value us at all!!??
  • Dissolusioned 2 months ago
    Every week they re-post the same alleged "dream job". For over a year the job has not been filled. They say the client is very picky, but the listing is a scam.
  • aaa 3 months ago
    11 days ago Do yourself a favor & don't waste your time, liars, cheats, and very un-professional. All branches of RH treat their clients very poorly. If you want to get abused and ignored then they are for you... Reply - Flag for review RR in Weogufka, AL 11 days ago I agree. Going to the Alpharetta, GA office is a waste of time as well. The interviewer actually told me that they can only place about 10% of their clients. Don't bother. Reply - Flag for review Michael in Nashville TN in Franklin, TN 11 days ago Your Robert half doesn't have clue on what there doing and customer service is horriable at theree company. There not the only one. I would not recommend them. Reply - Flag for review anonymous in Rahway, NJ 10 days ago anonymous said: Do yourself a favor & don't waste your time, liars, cheats, and very un-professional. All branches of RH treat their clients very poorly. If you want to get abused and ignored then they are for you... I have to agree too. They are the worst. I interviewed with them in July and hear it is Dec and have not heard a word from them. They suck. Reply - Flag for review James in Sacramento, CA 10 days ago I agree too. I recently visited the RH office in Sacramento. The recruiter there was a complete dim wit. She actually suggested that I move back to the Bay Area if I was serious about my career! A bunch of lies, more lies and even more lies!! Reply - Flag for review Michael in Nashville TN in Franklin, TN 10 days ago you probly have more experience than these dim wited recruiters. Most are clueless and most have no real outside sales experience and most are very young. Thanks for the reply Reply - Flag for review James in Sacramento, CA 10 days ago A friend of mine who lives in London, say's that RH out there are really professional and found him potential jobs within a week of searching..must be somthing in the water here..? Reply - Flag fo
  • mastiff 5 months ago
    What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable? How does Robert Half stack up against the competition?
  • dawn 7 months ago
    Anyone in SW Florida have any experiences that they could share in regards to dealing with the staff in the Fort Myers Robert Half office? Over the past few weeks I have run into quite a number of folks who seem to be confronting problems in dealing with the staff in Fort Myers. I'm wondering if these could be just isolated instances or is this a thing that is really widespread?
  • Krystyna 7 months ago
    As someone who worked for this company for 3 years, I am shocked at how much they get away with, and how it keeps going on. Something needs to be done, the turnover is horrible, the pay structure abyssmal, and they treat their employees and candidates like cattle. I even found out that in South Florida there are two horrible managers one of whom has a criminal record..thats right, felony!! ( I didnt believe it, but someone showed me on the public record) I wouldnt be surprised if there were similar thugs working in my area in the northeast. Personally I think all of us ex employees need to reach out to our clients and tell them what goes to our candidates and let them know whats being done...and talk to others about NEVER working for this company. I would not let anyone I care about even consider working for this place. The best thing to happen would be for Robert Half to go bankrupt. There are a ton of us out there who worked for them and know how bad it is, we have power and we should use it. Start knocking down the higher ups who treat everyone like crap, and have been the ruination of what was once a decent company. SPREAD THE WORD
  • moonflower64 7 months ago
    They have plenty of people on their books, they place ads like they have jobs galore and they are putting out to recruit more people just so you never get a call because they planned on placing some internal candidate in the position anyways. Face it, I don't know why they are listing all these jobs. With the economy, there are none to post. Placement agencies at this time are a WASTE OF TIME. You sit for 3 hours testing, blowing it out of the water for them to given the job to someone already on their payroll. I wish they would back off and stick with what they have instead of raising hopes for people who will waste 3 hrs and never hear from them.
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