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RockySoft Corporation

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RockySoft is a privately held company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our mission is to help distributors, manufacturers, and retailers reach new heights by implementing inventory management systems and processes in ways which positively impact their bottom line. RockySoft helps reduce inventory costs, improve customer service and increase profitability. – more... Top What does Microsoft Gold Certification mean? Microsoft Gold Certification is an achievement RockySoft has accomplished for the past 3 years. This certification means RockySoft has worked in conjunction with Microsoft to achieve a series of "competencies" which equip us with the skills necessary to provide outstanding service and support to our customers. Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise in Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft. Our Gold Certification assists us in meeting our goal of being a valuable knowledge base to our clients. Top What additional systems do I need to run RockySoft's applications? RockySoft has the flexibility to run on any Enterprise Resource Planning and Warehouse Management Systems such as Accellos, Fascor, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAGE, Mas 500, 200, and 90, Activant, Oracle, Turns, Syteline, ADS, EIS/Prescient, Radio Beacon, SagePro, and many others. Top How long does implementation usually take? In order to fully complete a typical implementation, we ask our customers to allow for 8-10 weeks. Top Who can benefit most from RockySoft's software? Any company carrying inventory can benefit from a partnership with RockySoft. We most commonly see companies who are experiencing long lead times to procure their orders, those with multiple distribution centers, as well as those who have gross annual revenue of $5 million to $500 million in sales. Top What types of businesses already use RockySoft? RockySoft's clients are many and varied. Here are a few examples of our current clients: Fishing Supplies, Auto Parts Supply, Toy Manufacturing, Safety Products Manufacturers, Restaurant Equipment Suppliers, and Electricity Suppliers. We also partner with companies in Wholesale Distribution, Retail & E-tailer Distribution, Medical, Food & Beverage, Apparel & Footwear, and Service Parts including Automotive parts and Electronics parts. The common thread in these industries is all of these types of businesses carry inventory. RockySoft's applications are applicable to a broad range of industries. Top What types of support services are available for RockySoft? Standard support covers new release updates, addressing any bugs in the software our clients may find, call-in support, and integration of new releases. Specialized training programs include the Inventory Management Workshop, a unique training opportunity for our partners and clients. This program is designed to deliver a hands-on inventory management workshop designed specifically for distributors and manufacturers. The curriculum for this 15-hour workshop includes both education and training in the concepts and application of science-based inventory management methodologies and Supply Chain Fundamentals designed to improve customer service and reduce inventory. Typical attendees are supply chain professionals at all skill levels. The sessions include: the Basics of Supply Chain, Customer Service and Inventory Optimization, Optimizing Company Profit, and Hands-On Training with our "Best in Class" inventory management practices. RockySoft also offers a Continuous Business Evolution support program designed to provide a more strategic level of ongoing support for our clients. Top How does RockySoft price its product? RockySoft's pricing does not follow the traditional per seat licensing model like many of its competitors. The pricing platform is designed to allow companies to license individual modules and add additional features, as growth and the need for functionality increases. The RockySoft platform is divided into three stages: Lite, Standard, and Pro. Within each stage there is flexibility to match the applications and functionalities based on a companies need. Recognizing that no two businesses are exactly alike and all implementations require a degree of customization, it is impossible to provide an exact quote on-line. However, RockySoft has developed a Pricing Guide to help you get started in the process. Top How do I get an application update? RockySoft notifies clients of releases and future enhancements and then we set up a time for the upgrade. Top How does RockySoft determine what will be included in the software updates? RockySoft's Software Development team considers a broad range of requests and ideas, many of them coming from clients or current users, and others from RockySoft team members. Below is a breakdown of how we prioritize new features and updates. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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