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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Customer Service excellence is a requirement.
Certified Claims Analyst, San Antonio, TX - November 10, 2014
A typical at work involved taking and handling customer calls to address issues of concern and assist in providing resolution in a timely fashion.
In the job of claims, what I continued to learn was not to leave any rock unturned. There are always deeper issues / information to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement.
I enjoyed my co-workers. We worked well together as a team to get the necessary project at hand completed as timely as possible.
The hardest part of the job as a claims analyst were the times when no matter how hard I worked to meet customers expectations, they all were not successful. These were very few and far between.
The most enjoyable part of the job, was that no claim was ever the same. Kept the job interesting and challenging.