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Classy, but unorganized apprentice program.
Junior Apprentice, Scottsdale - March 5, 2015
I loved working at the Scottsdale and Dana Park locations. I mainly was at Scottsdale. I loved the beauty of the salon. I loved the training, the events, social status. I was proud to work there, but most the stylist were mean to you, never remembered your name, were lazy, my personal hospital papers were left by the instructor on the dryers for anyone to see, those issues were talked about among all the stylists, and the program was unorganized. The schedule would be sent by emails and changed often without notice and by email so you had to check everyday so you didn't miss a change because it would not be excused. Information and requirements weren't always clear. Questions were encouraged, but if you did, you wouldn't always get a straight answer. You were expected to exceed standards set by Rolf's Salon, but they weren't expected to exceed yours.
I did learn a lot about high end salons and 5 * service. I learned the importance of arriving 15 min early. I learned how to shampoo and massage the scalp. I learned a lot from stylists by watching them with clients. They were talented and great to their clients. I learned better hair cutting techniques that were precise. I got in habit of all black professional dress code. Being put together everyday and that I liked.
I did not like that I didn't get paid for education or events, the no competition contracts, and employment contracts you had to sign, my model they gave to someone else that I brought in, and mostly the fabricated incident to let me go. I gave them reason to let me go by not always being exactly 15 min early everyday, there was no need for that, but I still wish it would have worked out. They gave me a chance and I wish I could have had better experiences to prove my loyalty, skill, and drive to succeed at giving excellent hair services. I would have stuck through it, I'm kindof glad because I didn't want to specialize, I want to do both cut and color and you couldn't.