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At Rutland Pharmacy the Wellness Store, we are bringing pharmacy to the next level: an information source, a soothing health care center, a prevention center and an integral part of your journey towards health. Our pharmacists will not only answer your prescription questions, but also your questions about other health issues that concern you. Our pharmacists are here to help you select quality natural products that compliment the therapy your physician has prescribed for you. We are here to help, please ask us for assistance. The pharmacy is no longer just a place to go when you are ill, but now it is a health care oasis where our Wellness Team can help you achieve your optimum level of health. Rutland Pharmacy can guide you and help you be in a position to prevent illness before it starts. Come in and visit our Wellness Store now and learn how you can " ... add years to your life ... and add life to those years."

Americans routinely fail to meet their daily nutritional requirments - and eating according to federal dietary guidelines is not a garunteed solution. Better nutrition, including the use of appropriate supplementation, couldmake signifcant inroads toward the imrovement of your health status. We have products to address proper nutrition for all members of your household. Teens are especially susceptible to poor eating habits and consequently poor nutrition. Aging also takes its toll on nutrition, decreasing our ability to absorbnutrients from our foods, thus lowering our level of energy. As for the rest of us, it's important to maintain optimal nutrient blood levels to move through the fast paced lifestyle most of us have. It makes sense that if we take care of ourselves now, we can age more gracefully, with retained vigor and independence, which is what wellness is truly about. Visit our Wellness Store and find out from the pharmacist what you can do to optimize your health.

Rutland Pharmacy offers you ... Holistic Health Management, Complete Prescription Services, Full Compounding Pharmacy, Drug/Nutrient Depletion, Saliva Testing, Hair Analysis, Disease Stae Management, Wellness Program, Immunizations, Nutritional Counseling, Cholesterol Screening, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Hypertension Management, Massage Therapy, Weght Loss Therapy, and Health and Wellness Seminars.



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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
My dream job was to be a pharmacist. I worked for a very highly respected employer
Pharmacy Technician, Rutland, Vt - April 14, 2014
I did everything expected of an employee learning how prescriptions are formulated. I had to work closely with co workers because ther was no room for error when you are dispensing prescriptions for someones health condition; whether if it is a common cold or tewrminal illness medications.


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