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Sanveo, Inc

About Sanveo, Inc

Sanveo is a technology company that provides innovative technology solutions and services to the Construction Industry worldwide. Sanveo is headquartered in Silicon Valley in California and has been serving the global construction industry since 2005. Sanveo assists its customers with a focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, Cloud – more... based services, and Mobile Applications solutions. Sanveo provides services to construction companies, contractors, sub-contractors, architects and engineers enabling them to have a clear vision of their project. Today Sanveo is global leader in technology and has expanded its offering worldwide with opening new offices in US, UAE and in India.

Our vision at Sanveo is to increase productivity and decrease overall costs in commercial construction projects by removing inefficiencies throughout the construction process. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the most significant process that has been introduced into the construction industry in over 30 years. The process which is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and team collaboration provides a platform for various contributors like, owners, designers, contractors, and facility managers etc., involved in construction to analyze, design, view and take corrective actions before, during and after the construction process. Using its renowned workflow methodology to determine the issues and resolving them through team coordination between all construction trades and has developed a methodology that creates a seamless and streamlined process for construction projects. Sanveo’s expertise, experience and wide range of services in BIM enables a build team take decisions quickly, confidently, and accurately.

Sanveo clearly defines the project objectives before the project begins, follows an agreed upon standards and process during the project and delivers the green solution to the satisfaction of its customers in the agreed upon time. From the pre-construction phase to the sign-off and commissioning, Sanveo stands along with its customers, with a promise to deliver quality, excellent customer service and to ensure uninterrupted progress of their project.

Sanveo’s portfolio includes Hospitals, High rise buildings, Corporate Offices, Data centers, Universities, and specialized and custom builds. We provide the following services:
• Integrating green technologies into electrical engineering designs
• Manage and run BIM coordination meetings
• Help prepare a standardized item inventory system for environmental modeling
• Run clash detection and coordination between all trades/services
• 3D BIM Models for all construction trades and services
• 4D – Time Components – Project Planning and Scheduling
• 5D – Cost Components – Models enabled to do cost estimation and quantity take-offs enabling BIM Models with cost intelligence
• Build 3D model that match in shape and size per items database
• Populating elements with all the required attributes of cost and quantity
• 2D – Submittal Drawings
• Walkthroughs and Presentations
• Schematic and Design Development Documents
• As-build drawings
• Generate BIM / Revit models for Building Product Manufactures
• Revit families made for populating as reusable object in Revit with various parametric options

Sanveo’s vision is to help the construction industry increase productivity while decreasing project costs via the use of BIM modeling, allowing us to establish an industry benchmark against which all other capital projects using 3D modeling organizations are measured as well as trying to promote a greener build. Sanveo aims at reducing time and resources for all vested parties and bringing an increased ROI for the project. – less

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