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Work/Life Balance
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More popularity than ability - small town clique culture
Project Coordinator, Bellville, TX - May 6, 2015
Not true of every manager, but a few male managers will pretend to be supportive and "help" you in your new role by making suggestions when you first start at the company. Their advice can help them gain information that will help them but put you at direct odds with every other employee at the company, unbeknownst to you.

This is a worldwide company but this location is in a small town and very clique-ish. Many people went to grade school together so it's hard to break in to their groups. The employees hang out together at work and during much of their off-time. If a manager also places you at odds with the other employees you will never be able to recover. Your skill set, educational background and integrity will be of little importance when faced with this.

Even though it is a diverse work environment, racist jokes are still made among some employees under their breath, on breaks and via email.

The work itself is exciting, and very fast paced. Rarely will an employee have an opportunity to be bored. Wages are lower than most receive in Oil & Gas and education and training of some staff reflects that.

There are several diamond employees/managers at this company, including several without advanced degrees. These employees are what carry it and have grown it to the successful company it is today. If you can identify which these are and use them as your mentor, this will be a good job for a few years. This is a good company to start at to become familiar with the industry, but to advance in salary and your career you will need to continue your education and training independently.