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Working at Sears

  • 8 days ago
    I went to both interviews and got hired. I signed the paper for my background check, I put all my information into the company computer and went and took my drug test the next day. The HR lady said they will contact me for orientation but it's been 12 days now. Have anyone been through this or do you know how long it will take for them to call me for orientation
  • FMG 9 days ago
    I completed an application online and was able to schedule my own interview....I've heard a lot of negative things about Sears and now Im not sure if I even want to work there at all? Esp. since it seems like they get paid so little....HOW MUCH DO SALES ASSOCIATES GET PAID AT SEARS?
  • gato1981 10 days ago
    What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Sears? What do you like best about working at Sears? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?
  • Background check – 1 reply
    Dudess 22 days ago
    I had got a job offer from Sears and they sent me some info for a drug test & background check. I'm not worried about the drug test but the background check I'm a little worried because I have a misdemeanor for CDS/marijuana from last summer. I was not convicted & I got a nolle prosequi, meaning my charges were dropped & thrown out. My case never went to trial and I didn't have to pay a fine neither. But my expungement is still pending. I told them about it and they were completely cool with it after I told them about they situation and how I was wrongfully locked up because I didn't have marijuana on me but one of the people I was with did. The damn police locked all of us up anyway because in his words it was all about "number", meaning his greedy *** wanted to make a quota. Anyway I'm so worried about this because I know it would show up on my background check with HireRight, but will it affect my chances of getting the job?
  • curious 25 days ago
    I was put through the second part of a three part interview system that this sears uses... Apparently, its one of the top sears, not only in the district, but in the region as well.... So expectations are high. But, this associate told me that I am scheduled for part three with the store manager, who has the final say in whether or not I get hired. They said that I was scheduled for a "Culture Conversation"... I don't know what happens, or what to expect during that sort of thing.... What is it about, and what should I expect?
  • I hate sears – 224 replies
    Anna- Nicole in Greenfield, Wisconsin 1 month ago
    This company is run buy apes i swear they dont see the associates that are working and the ones that are just doing nothing, YET they get all the hour mean while im stuck with 10 hours a week??? When i quit sears i will be the happiest person in the universe
  • my thoughts – 0 replies
    waltg in Redding, California 2 months ago
    I see a lot of people complaining but here's what I see so far in the few days I've been with the company. I haven't met and associate that complains about their job. If you do that like your job you don't preform and you're gone. If you're not helping the company make money then you're not going to make it. If they make money you make money.
  • Sorry I Took The Job in Wausau, Wisconsin 2 months ago
  • Sorry I Took The Job in Wausau, Wisconsin 2 months ago
    This is not the job I was told it was to be when hired. If you are relying on a certain amount of income and same amount of hours each pay period, this may not be the job for you. Possibly as a second job, it may do, but please rethink your choices and options. Once you are hired, your schedule may not be what you were originally told as it fluctuates, so you really can't make any plans ahead of time and you definitely can't work out a budget with the low pay. Also, make certain that you figure out who to listen to. You may be told how to do things by co-workers who have been there for a few years and actually do the job on the sales floor and then by others who are in the main office which can be different ways. If you follow the ways that work the best for the workers on the floor, the office will look at you as if you've done something wrong and will not even take the time to ask or listen as to why you've done the task the way you have. When other employees that have been there longer ask why the department lead is having you do that or raise their eyebrows and tell you "who knows what they're doing", you know something isn't right, as I have years of experience in the customer service field, so at least their comments have confirmed my feelings. I enjoy the customers and the co-workers that I have the most contact with, but as to management, something is lacking and the need to show their power over employees for their own personal reasons and those that you may not even know, really make your day not what you thought or wished it could be as the job itself is great in the beginning and then goes downhill rapidly to the "why did I take this job." I now even ask myself why did I recommend this Store to a few of my friends who came in and purchased rather large expensive items, purchases that the Store doesn't even know that I helped them make their goals for certain days. I tried, I helped, but now it's time to look for another job elsewhere.
  • mattress sales – 1 reply
    Former Mattress Salesperson in Old Town, Maine 2 months ago
    Ok. Just got a job offer for mattress sales. 25-35 hours per week. What kind of pay(wage/commission/etc) can I expect? I've never done furniture sales but I'm a good salesperson and decent closer. Also any tips to help me along?
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