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Seattle Safety

About Seattle Safety

Seattle Safety (SESA) manufactures high capacity, large payload sled systems for dynamic crash/impact testing in automotive, aerospace, and other applications. SESA also produces full vehicle crash systems and high intensity lighting systems for use in related labs that utilize high-speed (up to 10000 fps) video photography. We also offer sled testing – more... services using our 1.4MN ServoSled system located at our Kent (Seattle area), Washington facility.

The SESA ServoSled system is the next step forward in acceleration sled technology. The Seattle Safety ServoSled uses a high pressure pneumatic actuator to apply force and energy to the sled. A hydraulic friction "servobrake" acts directly on the sled to oppose the actuator force thus controlling the net force and energy put into the sled, allowing for excellent impact pulse creation and test to test repeatability . The servobrake pressure is varied during the test pulse by high speed computer controlled servo-valves to absorb "excess" actuator energy - energy above that required for the pulse.

Seattle Safety Deceleration Sled systems use a pneumatically propelled sled and a programmable decelerator that can reproduce a wide variety of crash pulses with excellent predictive accuracy and repeatability.

Vehicle Crash Laboratory Systems from Seattle Safety offer the latest in technologies, giving users best possible performance and efficiencies. Features include bi-directional electric drive systems, cable releasing and non-releasing skates, extremely narrow guide rails, embedded client computer for dedicated real-time closed-loop control, and Windows based user interface. An adaptive control system gives extraordinarily high impact velocity accuracy.

Seattle Safety Lighting Systems offer a wide variety of flexibly options to meet the needs of high speed video photography. Metal-halide or tungsten-halogen based systems are available for overhead bank, floor, camera pit, and adjustable height tripod mounted lighting applications. Features include wireless Computerized Controls, multi-axis actuation, simplified wiring, choice of lamp technology, superior performance from custom lenses, and BGV D8+ safety compliance.

SESA also offers integrated "turnkey" facility packages, including: Sled and/or Vehicle System, Custom Fixturing, Data Acquisition, Floodlighting, Dummies, Transducers, High Speed Photometrics and Triggering. Installation and training is provided with each system.

Seattle Safety has installed safety test systems around the globe, providing superior customer service and support. We look forward to supporting you too! – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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